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Senate Committee To Consider Fischer For Fed's No. 2 Spot

Stanley Fischer, President Obama's choice to be the Federal Reserve's vice chairman, is on Capitol Hill Thursday for a confirmation hearing .

Hitching A Ride On The World's Biggest Cargo Ship

Launched in August, the Maersk McKinney Moller is the first of a new class of megaships. It's 20 stories high and a quarter-mile long. NPR's Jackie Northam hopped on board in Poland.

Health Care Law Helps Entrepreneurs Quit Their Day Jobs

Employer-provided health care can deter people from leaving their jobs to start their own businesses. Analysts say Obamacare could alleviate so-called entrepreneur lock.

FTC Investigates Herbalife, Following Claims It's A Pyramid Scheme

Herbalife shares dropped on news the Federal Trade Commission is investigating the company. After shorting Herbalife's stock, hedge fund manager Bill Ackman's been lobbying politicians to investigate.

Government's Empty Buildings Are Costing Taxpayers Billions

Taxpayers are footing the bill for the upkeep of 77,000 empty or underutilized federally owned buildings. And a faulty database means the government doesn't know just how many properties it owns.

President Obama Moves To Expand Overtime Pay

President Obama is asking the Labor Department to begin a rule-making process to expand the number of workers who are eligible for overtime pay. It's part of his effort to address income inequality.

FTC Launches Civil Probe Into Herbalife Ltd.

After the company revealed the ongoing investigation, its stock plummeted. The nutrition company has been accused of running a pyramid scheme.
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Fair Pay and the Workplace

Although the Equal Pay Act has been on the books since 1963, court decisions over the years have weakened the law, and a culture of secrecy around salaries is still the norm in most workplaces. We explore the complex issues around pay equity.


Water-To-Wine Machine Sound Too Good To Be True? It Is

News media were quick to report on a $499 "Miracle Machine" that could turn water into wine. The science sounded suspect to us, with good reason. The perpetrators call it a sham for charity's sake.

Obama's Overtime Move Designed To Excite Base, Swing Voters

The administration's plan to increase the number of American workers eligible for mandatory overtime pay is seen as part of a strategy to stress income inequality.