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The Changing Nature Of Workplace Benefits

We explore changes in workplace benefits like pensions and health care, as well as what health care reform means for those who are locked into a job for the benefits.


Actuaries In Denver Will Get First Peek At Obamacare's Full Cost

Health insurers across the country have agreed to share information about how much new customers are costing their health plans. The figures will be used to calculate future rates.

Jobless Rate Ticks Up, But Job Growth Is Better Than Expected

There were 175,000 jobs added to payrolls last month. That's about 25,000 more than economists forecast. The unemployment rate, though, edged up to 6.7 percent from 6.6 percent in January.

Investors: Oversight Is Needed For Bitcoin To Become Mainstream

Bitcoin's growth was built on the idea it was a currency of the people, unattached to any central bank or regulating authority. But a major theft has put that vision to a tough test.

Great Lakes' Ice Cover Nears 1979 Record

Ice coverage on the Great Lakes is nearing a record set 35 years ago. Linda Wertheimer talks to scientist George Leshkevich about the effects of all that ice. The shipping industry is paralyzed.

Ukraine's Economy Was In Trouble Before Its Crisis With Russia

With the IMF and the EU offering loans and grants to Ukraine, there are questions about what sort of conditions to attach to the aid, and where the money will go. Corruption is a big issue in Ukraine.

Weather Expected To Effect February Jobs Report

Did the harsh winter hold down job creation last month? Or did employers brush away the snow and prepare for spring with a new round of hiring? The unemployment report is out on Friday.

'Game Of Thrones' Mixtape Drops On Friday

Nearly 14 million people watch HBO's epic fantasy series Game of Thrones. In an effort to capture a more diverse and multicultural audience, HBO is releasing a mixtape called Catch the Throne.

Safeway And Albertson's Announce Grocery Merger

Private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management is offering $9.4 billion for Safeway, the nation's second-largest grocery. It plans to combine Safeway with Albertson's which it acquired a year ago.

Seeking Energy Independence, Europe Faces Heated Fracking Debate

To stay competitive, Europeans need cheaper natural gas but they also need to be less dependent upon Russia. They're looking at fracking as a solution, but opponents have environmental concerns.