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Obama Working On Plan That Limits Power Plant Emissions

The move would not require congressional approval, but it is sure to be controversial. Electric power plants are said to be responsible for nearly 40 percent of greenhouse emissions.

For Black Americans, An Even Split In Financial Perceptions

In our recent poll on African-Americans, we found that half of those surveyed were positive about their financial situations — and half weren't. That divide tracks with a difference in attitudes about many aspects of respondents' lives.

Will Video Ruin Instagram's Appeal?

The popular photo-sharing service is reportedly adding a video feature. But if the current user experience "ain't broke," should Facebook, Instagram's owner, fix it? Let's zoom through some possible fears about the new feature.

If Supplies Of Oil Are Up, Why Is Gas Still Pricey?

Supplies of oil have been surging this year, and U.S. drivers, who have been switching to more fuel-efficient cars, are using less gasoline. That would seem to be the right economic combination to push down prices at the pump, but gasoline prices have remained stubbornly high this summer.

A Surprising Barrier To Clean Water: Human Nature

Getting clean water to people in the developing world isn't just an engineering problem.

Can This Dominican Factory Pay Good Wages And Make A Profit?

Textile workers in some poor countries like Bangladesh can make less than $100 a month. One factory in the Dominican Republic is trying something different: It's paying workers $500 a month. The company has yet to break even after three years, but the CEO says the business is growing rapidly and he believes it will be profitable.

In More Cities, A Camera On Every Corner, Park And Sidewalk

A growing number of cities are using surveillance cameras in the hope of fighting crime, but all that video is almost useless without powerful search tools to sort the material. The municipal camera trend is proving to be big business for companies that design video analytics software.

Microsoft Responds To Fan Outcry, Changes Xbox One Policies

Microsoft has changed policies regarding Internet connection and used game capabilities for its upcoming Xbox One gaming console. The company says it is responding to feedback from consumers.

G-8 Nations Pledge To Crack Down On Corporate Tax Evaders

This week's meeting of the Group of Eight industrialized countries concluded with a pledge to end the use of tax shelters by multinational corporations. But there are still big questions about how they will make a dent in the problem.

From Classic Toys To New Twists, Kids Go Back To Blocks

NPR's Neda Ulaby investigates a trend in toys that sounds awfully familiar: Manufacturers are finding new ways to get kids interested in playing with blocks, both real and virtual.