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Merger Means Fewer Direct Flights To Small Cities Out Of National Airport

As part of the merger with US Airways, American Airlines is giving up some slots at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and that could have impacts on the flights available to travellers.


New Hope In Southeastern Kentucky 'Promise Zone'

President Obama recently named the first five "Promise Zones." They're high-poverty areas targeted for economic revitalization. Host Michel Martin learns about the Kentucky Highlands Promise Zone from Jerry Rickett, head of the Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation.

Weekly Jobless Claims Hold Steady At Pre-Recession Level

The good news is that it appears layoffs are not piling up too rapidly. The bad news is that new jobs aren't either.

Do You Know Who Owns Your Favorite Liquor?

Many spirits are tied to a particular place, but liquor companies have gone global and a small number of firms now dominate the market internationally.

How Perverse Incentives Drive Up Health Care Costs

Medical treatment in the emergency room is expensive, but there's a perverse incentive at work which encourages EMS workers to send more people there. Medicare reimburses for 911 calls only if the patient is transported to the ER. A pilot program at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City tries to keep patients from coming back to the ER.

Apple To Refund App Purchases Void Of Parental Consent

Apple has agreed to refund the purchase of some apps because they were made without the knowledge of parents. Apple has agreed to pay back $32 million.

GM Shareholders To Receive Dividends Again

General Motors announced this week that for the first time in nearly six years it will begin to pay cash dividends to its shareholders. GM stopped paying out dividends in 2008 as it struggled to save money through the recession, bankruptcy and a government bailout.

Concerns Raised Over Banks' Commodities Holdings

Regulators are scrutinizing big banks which control commodities like aluminum and oil. The Federal Reserve is considering restricting their ability to trade and warehouse physical commodities. But Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee suggested the Fed isn't moving fast enough on rules to prevent banks from exploiting their holdings at the expense of the public.

Retailers May Use Video Cameras To Track Shoppers

Security tech company 3VR has unveiled an in-store video camera that allegedly uses facial recognition to gauge your age, gender and mood. Retailers could use real-time information to customize digital signs — just as you are passing.

Detroit Touts Clean, Efficient Diesels, But America Isn't Sold

Hybrids and battery-powered cars are all the rage, but some car companies are investing in an older technology: diesel. The newest vehicles are cleaner and more powerful, and some drivers report getting up to 50 mpg. So what's keeping U.S. customers from switching pumps?