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Elizabeth Warren Steps Up Campaign For Liberal Agenda

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., says bipartisan efforts to "reform" the corporate tax code amount to "a giant wet kiss" for the biggest companies. She wants large corporations to pay more in taxes.

In 'Just Eat It,' Filmmakers Feast For 6 Months On Discarded Food

Roughly 133 billion pounds of food go uneaten each year — much of it still edible. So for a half-year, the two filmmakers behind Just Eat It vowed to eat nothing but food entering the waste stream.

Here's How An iPhone Helps One Teen (And His Mom) Manage Diabetes

These are the early days of innovation that allows diabetes patients to conveniently and securely gather and share data via a smartphone. One California teenager is an early user of Apple's HealthKit.

We Know China Has Ghost Cities, But Where Are They Hiding?

The locations of the infamous empty housing complexes have been secret, but ghost city hunters are now using smartphones and GPS receivers to track them down.
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Fairfax County Leaders Crack Down On Car-Title Lenders

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of a plan that would block car-title lenders from setting up in certain parts of the Virginia county. The new rules were effective at midnight — a rare move that shows the urgency the board felt.


Why It's Hard To Put An End To Unwanted Robocalls

It's difficult for regulators to stop companies that flout the Do Not Call Registry. Robocalls can come from overseas, making them hard to regulate, and they often spoof caller IDs.

There's More To Wage Cuts Than Just Lost Pay

Researchers find that wage cuts endured by workers whose peers do not have their wages cut are much more painful and detrimental to morale than wage cuts that are experienced by everyone on a team.

TIAA-CREF Bought Brazilian Farmland From Notorious Land Grabber, Report Says

The investment giant has purchased hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in an environmentally threatened area.

Once A Hard Sell, Wal-Mart's Patti LaBelle Pies Fly Off Shelves

The sweet potato pie, sold in boxes bearing LaBelle's face, was a ho-hum seller until a video singing its praises went viral last week. Why pie fever? Partly, it's about celebrating black culture.

America's Test Kitchen Founder Chris Kimball Leaves Show

Wearing his trademark bow tie and round spectacles, Chris Kimball has hosted 15 seasons of America's Test Kitchen, one of public television's most popular programs.