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Mars By 2018? SpaceX And NASA Announce A New Space Project

The Red Dragon missions are aimed at figuring out what's needed "to land large payloads propulsively on Mars." For now, the plan doesn't include sending astronauts to the red planet.

Yahoo's Security Chief On Encryption Debate: What Is The Greater Good?

When Bob Lord talks about encryption, he invokes the imagery of a whisper — the idea that you should be able to recreate the most private means of physical communication in the digital world as well.

If You Think She Looks Like An Avon Lady, You're Half Right

She's a Living Goods agent. The company styles its door-to-door health care deliveries after American businesses like Avon, Amway and Tupperware.
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Wayne Pacelle: "The Humane Economy"

This has been a significant year for the animal rights movement. Sea World vowed to stop breeding orcas. And Walmart pledged to sell only cage-free eggs. The head of the Humane Society on how consumer pressure and innovation are driving animal protection.


Florida Gov. Scott Tries To Attract Businesses To The Sunshine State

Gov. Rick Scott heads to California next week for a second trade mission to try to encourage businesses there to relocate. Other states he's visited: New York, Connecticut, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

How A Cheating Man Gave Rise To Nashville's Hot Chicken Craze

The story goes that a woman decided to punish her cheating partner by heaping hot pepper on his chicken. It ended up tasting really good, and now the popularity of Nashville Hot Chicken is spreading.

Terrorism Fears And Travel Bans Shake Tourism In Turkey

In Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, a merchant calls it the worst tourist season in nearly four decades. Terrorism fears and a travel ban by Russia, an important source of tourists, are keeping visitors away.

Chinese Investors Reeling After Wealth Management Firm's Collapse

The $5 billion Shanghai company was the third financial firm to collapse in China since December. "Every time I take a bite of food," says an investor who lost everything, "I feel I am wasting money."

FBI Explains Why It Won't Disclose How It Unlocked iPhone

The agency says it doesn't have the rights to the technical details of the unlocking method, and so it can't submit it to a special review that would have determined whether Apple should be informed.

Las Vegas Columnist Quits After Ban On Writing About Adelson

Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith resigned after being told he could no longer write about two of the state's biggest players, including his paper's new owner, Sheldon Adelson.