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Asiana Decides Not To Sue San Francisco TV Station

The Bay Area station KTVU offered an apology for airing the bogus names of the crew piloting the 777 that crash-landed in San Francisco. The apology satisfied the airline.

Bernanke: Fed's Monetary Policies Not On 'A Preset Course'

The Federal Reserve Chairman continued to soothe investors, saying the Fed would not wind down its bond-buying program until economic conditions improve.

Rising Interest Rates Worry Banking Industry

Five years after the start of the financial crisis, the U.S. banking industry continues to earn strong profits. On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs became the latest big bank to report better than expected earnings. But rising interest rates mean a riskier environment for banks.

Civil Servants In Greece 'Sit-In' To Fight For Their Jobs

Greece's two largest unions held a general strike and anti-austerity demonstrations on Tuesday. Now, the country's parliament will debate and vote on deep civil service cuts. Greece must downsize the public sector in order for it to keep getting international bailout loans.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke To Address Members Of Congress

It's semi-annual testimony time for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Sounds dry but lots of people will be hanging on his every word these next two days. Markets have been on a wild ride since Bernanke delivered a news conference last month. In that speech he laid out plans to scale back the Fed's bond-buying program.

Hasbro Cuts Off Funding To National Scrabble Association

The company had spent millions of dollars supporting the independent group. The National Scrabble Association played a support role for the Scrabble community for more than 25 years. It worked with Merriam-Webster to create an official dictionary, and it refereed tournaments. Hasbro is now taking over those duties.

Yahoo's Stock Soars, Sales Remain Flat

There's been excitement on Wall Street about a turnaround at Yahoo since Marissa Mayer became head of the company last year. Mayer has completed high profile acquisitions and sought to improve worker morale. Second quarter revenues missed expectations as Yahoo struggled to corral advertising dollars.

In Oregon, The GMO Wheat Mystery Deepens

Government investigators are trying to solve an agricultural whodunit: How did genetically engineered wheat that was never approved for sale end up in a farmer's field in Oregon? Some are raising the possibility of sabotage; others suspect simple human error.

Fangs And Fishnets For The Win: 'Goth Barbie' Is Monstrously Successful

Barbie sales have slumped. But Monster High is doing great. That's another line of dolls from Mattel — imagine even skinnier Barbies that look like they've been designed by Tim Burton. And the Monster High dolls have been a success, spawning hordes of ghoulish imitators.

'Living Wage' Laws Create Both Winners And Losers

Wal-Mart's long-standing plans to come to Washington, D.C., are now up in the air. The city council passed a living wage law that would require the world's largest retailer to pay $12.50 an hour, more than the city's current $8.25 minimum wage. To learn more about living wage bills throughout the country, Audie Cornish speaks to David Neumark, professor of economics and director of the Center for Economics and Public Policy at the University of California, Irvine.