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The IRS Can't Take Your Questions. It Will Take Your Return

Tuesday is the deadline for taxpayers who requested an extension on their 2012 tax returns. With most of its staff currently furloughed, the Internal Revenue Service is not answering calls, issuing refunds or collecting audits. Even so, don't expect a filing reprieve; the midnight deadline is still in effect.

Fitch Places U.S. Under Review For A Credit Downgrade

The main reason? The debacle in Washington. The credit ratings agency — one of the big three — said "faith" in the credit of the country is in danger.

Even Before The Shutdown, Food Supply Regulated Itself

There have been a lot of headlines during the government shutdown suggesting that that our food supplies may be at risk as agencies like the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control have furloughed workers. But food suppliers and processors increasingly rely on a large network of private companies to make sure food is safe.

What Happens If Congress Can't Make A Deal On The Debt?

If Congress can't agree to raise the debt ceiling before Thursday, it's not necessarily the case that Treasury will immediately be unable to pay bills. But if there's no agreement, financial markets might panic at any time, doing real harm.

Is The U.S. In A Debt Crisis?

The Thursday deadline for raising the federal debt limit is fast approaching, but the government is still shut down. Host Michel Martin asks Sudeep Reddy of The Wall Street Journal and Time magazine's Rana Foroohar, if the U.S. is in a debt crisis.

Apple Hires Burberry CEO Ahrendts To Head Retail Division

Angela Ahrendts is leaving her post as CEO of Burberry to become the first woman in Apple's senior executive ranks. Ahrendts says she will work to improve customer service at the company's stores.

For European Gangs, A Gem Of A Growth Industry: Jewel Heists

From spectacular smash-and-grabs to stealthy lone thieves, sophisticated crime networks have carried out a wave of high-profile jewelry heists in Western Europe this year. Experts say worldwide jewelry thefts total more than $100 million annually. With such high stakes, criminals are willing to risk jail time.

Burberry CEO To Leave For Job At Apple

Angela Ahrendts will oversee the expansion of Apple retail and online stores. It's a newly created position for Ahrendts, who will report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Since taking over Burberry in 2006, Ahrendts has nearly tripled revenue for the company — known for its distinctive tartan patterns.

Is It Too Soon To Worry About Holiday Retail Sales?

The calendar says October, but retailers and economists are already analyzing the holiday shopping season. With budget battles gripping Washington and an economy that's still recovering, there are mixed feelings about how far shoppers will open their wallets.

Art Buyers Didn't Know They Were Getting Banksy Cheap

A street vendor outside New York's Central Park sold eight prints by the mysterious British street artist who goes by the name Banksy. Some of Banksy's most recognizable works sold for just $60. Many of the pieces are estimated to be worth more than $30,000. It was part of a social experiment.