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Former JPMorgan Chase Traders Charged Over 'White Whale' Bets

Federal prosecutors filed criminal charges on Wednesday against two JPMorgan Chase traders involved in the "London Whale" bets that produced $6 billion in losses for the bank. The Securities and Exchange Commission also filed a civil case. The two men were charged with fraud and conspiracy to falsify books and records.

More Companies Encourage Workers To Volunteer, On The Clock

A growing number of employers are paying their workers to help out at local charities on company time. Human resources experts say compensating staff who put in volunteer hours makes for more engaged workers — and lower turnover.

Shipping: The 'Invisible Industry' That Clothes And Feeds You

Rose George spent several weeks aboard a container ship to research Ninety Percent of Everything, her book about the shipping industry. She writes, "There are more than one hundred thousand ships at sea carrying all the solids, liquids and gases that we need to live."

San Diego's Hooters, Other Businesses Tell Mayor To Stay Away

Democratic Mayor Bob Filner is resisting calls to resign following the accounts of women who say he harassed them. Hooters' locations in the city say "women should be treated with respect" and that Filner's not welcome.

'The New York Times' Site, Apps Return After Two-Hour Outage

The New York Times' website and app went down just after 11 a.m. ET and began returning just after 1 p.m. E.T. The news organization says it's an internal technical problem.

Man Learns How Not To Launch A Site For Women

The launch of a venture-backed new women's site was complicated by its founder's claims that it was "different" and that as CEO, "knowing the difference between mascara, concealer, and eye-liner is not my job."

Is Europe's Recession Really Over? It's Too Soon To Say

A hopeful-sounding GDP report led to headlines declaring that Europe's economy is over. But much more evidence is needed before that conclusion can be reached, say the experts who study economies' ups and downs.

AOL CEO Apologizes For Public Firing

CEO Tim Armstrong axed one of his employees during a conference call heard by more than 1,000 other staffers. "I acted too quickly," the AOL boss now says.

Heard It Through The Grapevine: Raisin Grower Goes Rogue

In this "Planet Money" report, we learn about a man many call an outlaw. His crime? Growing raisins and then selling them all. For the last 10 years, he's violated the law and gone against the Raisin Administrative Committee.

Top Foreign Real Estate Buyers In Miami Are Brazilians

Brazilians are helping shape a new condo boom that caters to foreign buyers. More than 20 residential condo projects are underway in South Florida — all with Brazilians and other foreign buyers in mind.