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Coming Soon: A Jolt Of Caffeine You Can Spray On Your Skin

A topical caffeine spray will be available for purchase in November. Creator Ben Yu says spraying caffeine instead of drinking it will provide a more steady stream of energy.

Pets Or Livestock? A Moral Divide Over Horse Slaughter

Horse slaughter is banned in the U.S., but thousands of American horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter every year. Investors argue restarting the practice in the U.S. would be better for business and offer a more humane end for horses that are neglected under the current model.

Verizon Makes Blockbuster Bond Sale To Buy Vodafone

Verizon is spending $130 billion to buy out Vodafone's stake in Verizon Wireless. It's planning to pay about half that amount in cash, so it's started raising cash with an enormous bond issue of more than $40 billion.

Sexism In The Tech Industry Takes Center Stage

Over the weekend, a pair of sexually explicit presentations at a major tech conference laid bare a long-standing gender disparity problem in tech.

Five Years Later, Lehman Brothers Fall Still Stings

Sept. 15 is the anniversary of collapse of Lehman Brothers, which many see as a watershed moment in the financial crisis. We look back at a time when fear and uncertainty gripped financial markets and policymakers around the world and drove the world economy into the Great Recession.

Court Decision Means Another Look At Google Street View Case

A federal appeals court said Tuesday that it would not dismiss a lawsuit accusing Google of wrongly collecting people's data and online activities through its Wi-Fi systems as its Street View cars crisscrossed the world.

Chinese Premier Says Foreign Companies To Get 'Equal Treatment'

Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday outlined a number of moves aimed at restructuring the Chinese economy and promoting moderate but sustainable growth.

Maybe 'Muddling Through' Isn't That Bad For The Economy

Whenever a gridlocked Washington faces a money-related crisis — such as those involving the federal debt ceiling, the annual budget or sequestration — solutions involve small sideways moves rather than grand strategies. Still, the U.S. and global economies, while far from robust, are growing.

If Verizon Sells A Record $49B In Bonds, Are Good Times Ahead?

The huge bond sale is about three times larger than the previous record. Analysts say Verizon is rushing to take advantage of some of the last low borrowing rates. Rising rates, meanwhile, are a sign of a healthier economy.

Hitting Terrorists Where It Hurts: Their Wallet

Since Sept. 11, one of the most effective ways the United States has found to weaken terrorist groups has been to go after their finances. Renee Montagne talks to former Treasury official Juan Zarate, who's new book is: Treasury's War: The Unleashing of a New Era of Financial Warfare.