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Obama To Visit Dallas To Smooth Bumps In Health Care Sign Up

President Obama travels to Dallas on Wednesday to meet with volunteers who've been working to educate consumers about the government's new health insurance marketplace. That task has been made more difficult by persistent technical problems plaguing the website.

Twitter's IPO Managed Differently Than Other Tech Stocks

What makes an initial public offering a success? Twitter is going the old school route, pricing its shares modestly in hopes of a pop in early trading. The company will go public on Thursday, and the banks they've hired to help are some of the oldest and most well established in the country.

Seattle Suburb Backs Higher Minimum Wage

In the Seattle suburb of SeaTac, supporters of a ballot initiative implementing a $15 hourly minimum wage are declaring victory. The measure would benefit some 6,300 workers in the travel and hospitality industries around Seattle's main international airport.

Copy Of Napoleon's Will To Be Sold At Auction

The last will and testament of the man who once conquered much of Europe is being auctioned in Paris. It is expected to go for more than $100,000. The original letter in Napoleon's illegible handwriting is in France's National Archives.

Starbucks Is Latest Company Aiming To Help Vets Land Jobs

The coffee giant says it will hire at least 10,000 veterans or their spouses over the next five years. It joins companies ranging from JPMorgan Chase to Walmart to Boeing in trying to bring down a stubbornly high unemployment rate for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I Applied For An Online Payday Loan. Here's What Happened Next

For months, I got calls from around the world offering me short-term loans. I had fallen into the world of online lead generation.

41 Hours Of Retail: Kmart's Black Friday Plan Is Criticized

Online critics are throwing a red light on Kmart's Thanksgiving Day plan, with some calling the company a Grinch for its aggressive approach to the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Silenced By Status, Farm Workers Face Rape, Sexual Abuse

Farm workers do backbreaking work to bring fresh produce to our tables. But one secret about life in the fields is a chilling power dynamic that can allow supervisors to sexually assault farm workers in remote orchards and packinghouses.

Apple's Decision To Make Glass In Arizona Will Create Hundreds Of Jobs

Technology giant Apple is buying a large manufacturing space in Arizona, where high-tech glass for its devices will be produced. The move is being hailed in Arizona, where the economy remains slowed by the U.S. housing market crisis.

One Reason Twitter's Confident About Its Ad Possibilities

The social media giant that made its name on 140-character messages is set to debut on the New York Stock Exchange this week. These numbers help explain why the company is bullish about making millions in advertising.