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Jobless Claims Were Nearly Unchanged Last Week

But the fact that 339,000 applications were filed — the fewest in a month — is a hopeful sign. Meanwhile, the most-anticipated news about the labor market each month, on the unemployment rate and job growth, won't be released until Jan. 10.
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Recreational Marijuana Now Legal In Colorado

As of Jan. 1, those who wish can now purchase recreational pot in some 40 stores across the state of Colorado. We explore the seismic shifts taking place in the debate over marijuana.


Colorado Begins Sales Of Recreational Marijuana Sales

The taxes on recreational marijuana sales is 25 percent. Some estimate that tax will generate more than $60 million for the state annually.

How Scarcity Trap Affects Our Thinking, Behavior

A Harvard economist finds there are psychological connections between the bad financial planning of many poor people and the poor time management of busy professionals. In both cases, he finds the experience of scarcity causes biases in the mind that exacerbate problems.

Fielder Offers Absurd Marketing Advice On Comedy Central

On Comedy Central, the reality show Nathan for You features a mild-mannered Canadian giving small-business owners outrageous marketing advice. In one episode, Nathan Fielder tries to get 40 maids to clean one house in six minutes.

Given A Second Chance, Convicted Currency Trader Helps Others

Former currency trader John Rusnak committed one of the largest bank frauds in history. He racked up nine-figure losses at Baltimore's Allfirst Bank before he got caught and was sent to prison. Five years later, Rusnak was back on the outside franchising a chain of dry cleaners and hiring people who'd also made big mistakes.

A Bet, Five Metals And The Future Of The Planet

Decades ago, amid fears of rapid population growth, a biologist and an economist made a bet about how many people the planet could sustain. Global population is now estimated to top 7.1 billion. So who won the famous bet?

Why The Cod On Cape Cod Now Comes From Iceland

Order cod in a restaurant on Cape Cod, and you might assume you're buying local. But the fish that gave the Cape its name are now so depleted that restaurants are serving cod imported from Iceland. Some activists think it's time America developed a taste for the less popular fish still present in the waters off the Cape.

Fiat Pays $4.3 Billion To Get Complete Control Of Chrysler

The Italian automaker already held a majority share of the Detroit automaker that produces Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles.

Colorado's Turning Over A New Leaf: Recreational Pot

As of Wednesday, licensed stores in Colorado can sell recreational marijuana, making it the first state to control and regulate a legal recreational marijuana industry.