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Political Crisis Keeps Obama From Asia-Pacific Summit

Leaders of Asia-Pacific countries are wrapping up an economic summit in Indonesia. Much of the talk in the region over the weekend focused on the event's big no show: President Obama. Because of the partial government shutdown in the U.S., the president decided to stay at home and monitor developments.

Updated $100 Bill To Enter Circulation

The Federal Reserve estimates that up to two-thirds of all U.S. C -notes are circulating abroad at any given time. The bill is also the most counterfeited. Federal officials are confident the new bill will be much harder to fake.

What's The Cost Of Budget Gridlock?

Renee Montagne talks to David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal, about the cost of the government shutdown, and the dangers of the threatened government default.

Labor-Starved Pear Farmers Buckle Under Bumper Crop

The majority of the nation's pears grow in the Pacific Northwest, and this year's harvest is predicted to be one of the largest in history. But farmers are facing a shortfall that's been plaguing many agricultural industries: not enough workers to pick the fruit.

Wanted: A New Generation Of High-Tech Aviation Workers

Millions of U.S. factory jobs have been lost in the past decade. Now, in North Carolina, high school students are being encouraged to think about taking manufacturing jobs. But this isn't the furniture-making or textile labor of generations past — it's a new kind of highly technical work in aviation.

Tesla Slips From Pedestal That May Have Been Too High

The electric car company saw its stock fall this week after a video of its Model S ablaze went viral. But car analysts say the new car on the block should expect to get extra scrutiny. Consumers are watching closely to see if Tesla really is the way of the future.

That Smoky Smell Means Chile Roasting Season In New Mexico

Green chile burritos, green chile chicken enchiladas, green chile stew with pork, green chile on a burger: If it has green chile, you're in New Mexico.

Behind JPMorgan's Potentially Massive Settlement With Feds

JPMorgan Chase could be facing the largest bank fine in U.S. history, an $11 billion settlement related to allegations of mortgage abuse during the housing crisis. Heidi Moore, U.S. finance and economics editor at the Guardian, explains what led to the negotiation between federal bank regulators and one of the world's largest financial institutions.

Pirate Joe's Celebrates Dismissal Of Trader Joe's Lawsuit

Pirate Joe's, the Vancouver store that sells Trader Joe's products in Canada, has won a battle in its legal fight against the supermarket chain. A U.S. district court judge dismissed a trademark infringement lawsuit this week.

Does Capitalism Work? A True/False Quiz In Times Square

"Starting a conversation about capitalism is like walking up to a stranger and asking, 'Can I talk to you about Jesus?'" says artist Steve Lambert. The best way to talk about the C-word, he says, is to make it personal. His giant art installation in New York challenges passers-by to weigh in.