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Holiday Travelers Should Expect Packed Planes, Higher Fares

With fuel prices down, profits are up. But that doesn't mean you'll be able to find cheap airfares, especially over the holidays: The airline industry is predicting its busiest season in years.
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Montgomery County To 'Ban The Box,' Approve Snow Removal Changes

A bill to delay when employers are allowed to ask applicants about their criminal records is expected to be signed into law on Monday.


A Challenge To The New Congress: Fix Stagnant Wages

The 2014 election's over, but NPR's Linda Wertheimer says we should still be talking politics, every week. Specifically, she hopes lawmakers will come together to do something about wage stagnation.

Tech Week: The New U.S. CTO, Silk Road 2.0, Amazon Echoes Siri

A profile of the new U.S. technology chief , how the FBI took down the latest online bazaar for black market goods, and the other tech headlines you need to read, all in this week's roundup.

Liberia's 'Flags Of Convenience' Help It Stay Afloat

The weak Liberian economy has been hit by the Ebola crisis. One thing Liberia does have going for it is an unusual export — its flag. The Liberian flag is the second most popular flag flown by international cargo ships and is a huge source of revenue.

Beyond The Unemployment Rate: Look At These 5 Labor Indicators

The unemployment rate tells only a partial story about the labor market and the state of American workers. Five other measures provide a fuller understanding of the economy and the nation's workforce.

Capitalism Is Making China Richer, But Not Democratic

The U.S. thought trade and investment would eventually make China more democratic. In fact, it's had the opposite effect: creating a rich, authoritarian leadership class that remains repressive.

Even After SpaceShipTwo Crash, Many Space Tourists Hold On To Tickets

Virgin Galactic says there have been some cancellations in the week since its experimental craft went down, killing the co-pilot. But many ticket holders say they don't plan to ask for refunds.

17 Arrested As European, U.S. Authorities Raid Darknet Sites

Among those held were the alleged owner and operator of Silk Road 2.0 in San Francisco. The underground online markets seized Thursday allow users to anonymously buy illegal products and services.

Judge Approves Detroit's Plan To Exit Bankruptcy

The deal worked out by the city's emergency manager includes shedding $7 billion in debt and borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars to implement the strategy.