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EPA To Crack Down On Accuracy Of MPG Claims By Car Makers

For auto companies, that Environmental Protection Agency-approved MPG sticker on a new car is a high stakes and expensive process. These days it can be damaging to a company's image if customers can't achieve that great fuel economy in their own commutes.

Ford Lowers Mileage Rating On Its C-Max Hybrid

The car is advertised at 47 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving, but tests have reportedly shown the figure is too high.

Can Paula Deen Recover (And Who Really Pays If She Doesn't)?

The celebrity chef no longer faces charges of racial discrimination, but her public image has already been battered. That's a problem not only for Deen but for hundreds of workers who make her products. Stars dogged by scandal have always lost endorsement deals; now they can take down entire companies.

Wal-Mart Blames Economy And Payroll Taxes For Slowed Earnings

A 2 percent rise in Social Security taxes that went into effect in January has had a negative impact on the company's cost-conscious shoppers.

Jobless Claims Drop To Pre-Recession Level

Last week, 320,000 Americans applied for jobless benefits. The figure hadn't been that low since October 2007.

Auto Industry's Pent-Up Demand Expected To Ease Slowly

The average car on the road these days is more than 11 years old — a historic high. Some analysts say that means there soon will be a surge in car buying. Others are skeptical.

Team Walks Florida's Beaches With Google Eye

Google Street View cars have been photographing roads and highways for years, but how about this: Google Beach View. Florida is paying a pair of intrepid trekkers to walk all 825 miles of the state's beachfront carrying the Google Eye camera in a 40 pound backpack — blue orb sticking out the top.

Attorney Dispenses Legal Advice As Well As Shaving Cream

A Connecticut attorney has opened a shop that combines his passion for the law with his barber skills. Donald Howard says he first got the hybrid-business idea working as a paralegal for a personal injury attorney who doubled as a sports agent. And, a California attorney opened Legal Grind, a coffee house and law office.

2 Ex-Traders Accused Of Covering Up JPMorgan Losses

Federal prosecutors in the U.S. have charged two former traders in JPMorgan Chase's London office with securities fraud. The two men were part of the so-called "London Whale" case, which ended up costing the company more than $6 billion. U.S. officials say the men lied about the value of some derivatives trades to cover up mounting losses.

Drone Manufacturers Confident Domestic Industry Will Grow

Gathering in Washington, D.C., drone manufacturers say they are optimistic about their business, despite a downturn in defense spending. The unmanned vehicle industry is hopeful the domestic market will open up. But they first must address privacy concerns exacerbated by the NSA spying scandal.