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Is Amazon's Failed Phone A Cautionary Tale?

While Apple unveils a futuristic new smart watch, Amazon slashes prices on its smartphone for shoppers. Both companies are searching for the innovation sweet spot in mobile.

The Alibaba Effect: How China's eBay Transformed Village Economics

At first, Sun Han made a staggering 100 percent profit margin on his furniture. Soon everyone in his village was opening a furniture factory — and didn't need to raise pigs anymore.

Freight Delays Causing Great Pain Across Plains

Grain elevators, auto manufacturers and Amtrak passengers are still facing lengthy delays on rails, as freight train congestion continues to be a drag on the economy all across the country. The problem is particularly bad in the upper Midwest and Great Plains states, where some grain elevators have been waiting to ship their product to market since April. Many blame the delays on the huge increase in Bakken crude oil shipped by rail from North Dakota to refineries in the south, Midwest and on both coasts. The railroads deny they're favoring oil shipments over other products. On Wednesday, the Senate Commerce committee held a hearing on the matter while considering legislation to beef up the enforcement power of the Surface Transportation Board.

Airline Social Media 'Command Centers' Direct Complaint Traffic

Southwest Airlines has joined a growing number of airlines that are hiring social media "first responders" to help with customer relations.

'Ask The White Guy' About The Hawks

Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson's email about the diversity of the team's fans could end his run in the NBA. But were his comments really out of bounds?

Government To Drop Background Check Firm USIS

The Falls Church, Va.-based private contractor conducts most of the government's background checks and was the target of a cyberattack last month that breached thousands of personnel files.
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Etsy Takes Stand Against Redskins Goods

Etsy — the popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods — now has a policy explicitly banning the use of the Redskins name or team logo.


Your Favorite Sites Will 'Slow Down' Today, For A Cause

Websites including Foursquare, Netflix and WordPress are taking part in Internet Slowdown Day to make a case for unfettered access to the Internet. The slowdown will only be symbolic, not real.

Google Sets Out To Repair Its Image In Europe

Google is the latest in a string of American technology companies that has run into roadblocks in Europe. Steve Inskeep learns more from Danny Hakim of The New York Times.

Detroit Agrees To Lease Water System To Neighboring Counties

As Detroit struggles to emerge from bankruptcy, the city reaches a historic deal. After years of acrimony, the city and its suburbs have a tentative deal to share control of Detroit's water system.