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Is The Stock Market Volatility A Correction Or A Full-Blown Crisis?

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Gillian Tett, U.S. managing editor for the Financial Times, about the difference between a stock market "correction" or "crisis."

Kentucky State Fair Vendors Divided Over Ban Of Confederate Flag Merchandise

After the Charleston, S.C, church shootings, Kentucky banned the sale of Confederate flag merchandise at its state fair next year. Vendors are under pressure not to sell it at this year's fair.

For Most Of Us, The 'Real' Economy Matters More Than Markets

Stock prices may be having a meltdown, but consumers and homebuyers are still pushing the economy forward. In fact, a new round of data suggests the economy is gaining strength even as markets fall.

Cattle Theft: An Old Crime On The Rise

Cattle rustling is a growing problem in Oklahoma, Texas and other beef-producing states. High beef prices and drug addiction are fueling the resurgence.
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What A Global Market Sell-Off Means For The U.S. Economy

Ongoing fears of a slowdown in the Chinese economy drive a stock sell-off and declines in commodity prices worldwide. We look at what the global market downturn could mean for the U.S. economy, businesses and consumers.


China's Market Turmoil Seeps Into The Auto Industry

There are some indications of price drops, slowing sales and slowing factory production. The bigger question analysts are asking is about over-capacity. Is China just making too much stuff?

Dow Loses Nearly 3.6 Percent. How Will Markets Fare On Tuesday?

Stock prices in Asia are battered and prices are down in Europe too. In the U.S., investors wait to see if the turmoil is abating. Stocks began dropping over concerns about China's economic slowdown.

Fed Shouldn't Raise Interest Rates, Ex-Treasury Secretary Summers Cautions

Steve Inskeep talks to former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers about his recent op-ed in The Washington Post calling on the Federal Reserve not to raise interest rates.

Keep Calm And Carry The 1: Investors Often Miscalculate Amid Volatility

Selling after a market plunge, financial experts say, just locks in the loss and prevents investors from participating in the rebound. But human psychology can make that advice excruciating to follow.

A Nasty Place On Wall Street: What Kind Of A Dive Is This?

Stock prices plunged Monday, prompting Wall Street analysts to talk about a "correction" in stock prices. But many savers worry that this might be the start of a long "bear" market.