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Maryland Startup Gobbles Greenhouse Gases With Algae

A local start-up is aiming to grow algae with methane and then sell that algae to consumers.


In Record Drought, California Golf Course Ethically Keeps Greens Green

Golf courses are water hogs, and that thirst is especially notable as California's drought grows in severity. At Pelican Hill, a top golf course near Los Angeles, water conservation is an obsession.

How Almonds Became A Scapegoat For California's Drought

The relentless drought has turned almonds into a target for water conservationists who bemoan that it takes one gallon of water to grow one almond. Growers say the bad rap is unfair and misleading.

Pumpjacks Represent Symbol Of Life In American Oil Fields

Pumpjacks have been part of the American landscape for decades, and they remain essential in today's shale fields.

Online Crafts Marketplace Etsy Prepares For Public Offering

Etsy — the company best known for selling handmade goods — is going public. The financial media is having a lot of fun with this IPO, even mocking it as "artisanal." But it's actually serious business. The company has grown steadily and is considered one of the more promising recent IPOs.

European Union Charges Google With Antitrust Violations

After a nearly five year investigation, European Union officials on Wednesday charged Google with antitrust violations and opened an investigation into its Android operating system.

U.S. Predicted To Be Net Energy Exporter In Next Decade; First Time Since 1950s

Citing a boom in natural gas and shifts in demand, the Energy Information Administration says the U.S. could stop being a net energy importer "sometime between 2020 and 2030."

You Didn't Check The 'Presidential Election Campaign' Box On Your Taxes, Did You?

The little box is for presidential public financing. At first, it was relatively popular, but now fewer people are checking the box — and more candidates are rejecting the funds.

EU Charges Google With Antitrust Violations, Will Also Look At Android

Saying that Google abused its grip on the online search market by "systematically favoring" its own shopping services at the expense of others, a European panel releases a list of antitrust charges.

European Union Accuses Google Of Abusing Its Market Dominance

The European Union has been looking into whether Google favors its own products in online searches. EU officials have filed a complaint against Google. The tech giant has not yet formally responded.