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Judge Preliminarily Approves NFL Concussion Settlement

The landmark deal would compensate thousands of former NFL players for concussion-related claims. The ruling came about two weeks after the NFL agreed to remove a $675 million cap on damages

As Wire Transfer Options Dwindle, Somali-Americans Fear A Lost Lifeline

Every year, money transfer brokers help Somali-Americans send more than $200 million to family members in Somalia. But one of the few banks to support that process will soon back out.

Paintballing The Boss: Office Team-Building Exercises Gone Bad

Sometimes team-building exercises get a bad name for good reasons. Dangerous piñatas and co-workers tripping on mushrooms might deter some. But weathering bad team-building can also forge new bonds.

Couple Revives Lost Moroccan Fig Liquor, One Bottle At A Time

Jews have made mahia, a spirit made with fermented figs, in Morocco for centuries, but the tradition has all but died out. A New York couple aims to reintroduce the drink that once connected a nation.

From Pen And Paper To 3-D, Look Who's Challenging Google Maps

Today, digital maps are a big business, and Google has become nearly everyone's go-to cartographer. But there are challengers out there — and you might be surprised by some of the competition.

Asian-American Leadership Programs Tackle The 'Bamboo Ceiling'

The programs aim to address a lack of Asian-American representation among top executives by highlighting the cultural tendencies of American workplaces.

Wash. Retailers To Sell Recreational Marijuana On Tuesday

Washington state is to roll out retail pot sales this week after voters approved a referendum on recreational marijuana in 2012. But a backlog of growers and processors are awaiting licenses.

'A Hard Day's Night' Premiered In London 47 Years Ago

The black-and-white film was a cheeky snapshot of the biggest band in history: The Beatles.

CBS Lost Appetite For Government Watchdog Stories, Attkisson Says

When the investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson left CBS this year, she did not do so quietly. She contends the network refused to run stories that might damage President Obama.

Land Bank In Newburgh, N.Y., Tasked With Fixing Up Decay

Land banks are public entities created to revive vacant or tax-foreclosed properties. The small city of Newburgh on the Hudson River has been trying to revitalize itself using a land bank.