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Apple's New Music Streaming Service Under Antitrust Scrutiny

Investigators want to know if music companies are colluding with subscription services such as Apple Music to squeeze out free, ad-supported streaming.

Why Is This Fisherman Selling Threatened Bluefin Tuna For $2.99 A Pound?

That low price doesn't reflect the true state of Pacific bluefin: Scientists say it's in deep trouble. But fishermen who catch it say they're just trying to make a living — and obeying the law.

In Its First Crowdfunding Case, FTC Goes After Board Game Kickstarter

The FTC alleges that Erik Chevalier collected $122,000 from more than 1,000 backers and used the money on personal expenses.

How An Economist Helped Patients Find The Right Kidney Donors

If you've got a life-threatening medical condition, your first call might not be to an economist. But Alvin Roth used a theory about matching markets to help connect kidney patients and donors.

Rupert Murdoch Poised To Step Down As CEO Of 21st Century Fox

His son James is expected to become head of the company, while Murdoch will stay on as chairman of the boards of both 21st Century Fox and News Corp.

Older Taco Bell Employees Try To Connect With Millennials

Taco Bell has a younger demographic than other fast food franchises. Every week, younger workers provide older ones with a new millennial term — though some are lost in translation.

A Suit That Turns A Person Into A Robot (Sort Of)

Robots are really bad at many simple human tasks. One possible workaround: Combine the person with the machine.

America's Next Economic Boom Could Be Lying Underground

When it comes to improving the standard of living for Americans, the middle class could use some help. One Harvard economist says the help is underground, in the form of oil and natural gas.

Creepy Or Comforting? South Korea Tracks Smartphones To Curb MERS

The government is trying to strike a balance between doing too little and doing too much to stop an outbreak of the deadly Middle East respiratory syndrome. But has it stepped over a line?

EPA Takes First Step In Limiting Aircraft Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency hasn't outlined any specific emissions limits for aircraft engines, but it has begun the process that would lead to them.