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For U.S. Workers, The March Of Progress Slows Down

On Friday, economists were left scrambling to explain why last month's employment growth was just half as good as they expected. Many fingers pointed at the harsh weather, along with port disruptions.

Mixed Reaction To Changes In States 'Religious Freedom' Bills

Revisions to the measures in Indiana and Arkansas were prompted by a loud backlash from opponents who said the laws were meant to condone discrimination against gays and lesbians.

If A Caller Says, 'I Am With The IRS,' He's Not

The IRS says if you are surprised to be getting a call from the agency, it's not them on the line. Don't fall for it! Scammers are trying to trick you into giving up personal information or cash.

Economy Adds A Disappointing 126,000 Jobs In March

The monthly numbers from the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics were well short of the 245,000 jobs economists had expected.

How The Price Of Oil Caused A Downturn In The Recycling Business

What is recyclable and what is trash? There is an economic line between the two, and it's a line that can move around a lot. Our Planet Money team explains why it's a tough time to be a recycler.

March Employment Report Shows Growth — But Disappointing Numbers

Over the past year, the economy had added more than 200,000 jobs each month. That streak broke in the most recent report, as growth dipped to just 126,000 jobs — fewer than economists had anticipated.

Nixon's 'Western White House' Is Up For Sale

Hom Sotheby's International has listed the 5.45-acre oceanfront estate for $75 million. President Nixon bought the property early in his presidency, and lived there after resigning from office.

Mourning The Matzo: Iconic N.Y. Factory To Leave Former Jewish Hub

It's the end of an era: After nearly a century, the Streit's matzo factory is leaving Manhattan's Lower East Side. This Passover will be its last there. Streit's plans to move to a new factory.

The Fake Meat Industry's Quest To Make Faux Taste Real

NPR's Melissa Block talks to Corby Kummer about his piece in MIT's Technology Review on the fake meat industry's challenge to make fake taste as good as the real thing.
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Clips: Eddie's Hair Creations Booming Even As Adams Morgan Changes

In our ongoing series on D.C.'s barber shops, we visit Eddie's Hair Creations, whose owner dreams of moving back to Ghana to open his native country's first barber school.