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Companies Can't Set Own Rules For Injured Workers, Okla. Court Says

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled it is unconstitutional for big companies such as Wal-Mart and Lowe's to opt out of state workers' compensation insurance in favor of writing their own plans.

Would You Like Some Insurance With Your Insurance?

What's old is new again - with the health care law requiring everyone to get some form of major medical insurance, insurance to pay for small-scale medicals costs like deductibles is back.
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Trump's New Luxury Hotel Opens in D.C.

What does it mean when a controversial political figure opens a prominent business in a political town?


Census Bureau: Poverty Rate Down, Median Incomes Up

Median household incomes have increased for the first time since 2007 — rising by 5.2 percent. The poverty rate has declined, and more people have health insurance, the Census Bureau says.

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat

Documents show that in the '60s, the sugar industry funded Harvard researchers who, examining risk factors of heart disease, dismissed concerns about sugar and doubled down on the dangers of fat.

London Borough Raises Pints — And Legal Protections — To U.K.'s Fading Pubs

Thousands of British pubs have closed in recent years. One London borough is trying to protect its pubs by requiring government approval if owners want to sell them for a different use.

After 11 Years, Accounting Fraud Case Against Former-AIG Chief To Begin

New York's case against Maurice "Hank" Greenberg is to get underway Tuesday. The former CEO of insurance giant AIG stretches back to 2005 when he was charged with committing accounting fraud.

Why Gap Insurance Is Making A Comeback

Gap health insurance plans are meant to cover one-time events. When the health care law required some form of major medical insurance, it was thought the need for gap coverage would disappear.

Rallies Planned Across The Country To Support N.D. Oil Pipeline Protesters

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vow to continue their protest against an oil pipeline under construction in North Dakota. They're preparing for a long, cold winter.

With 'Napalm Girl,' Facebook Humans (Not Algorithms) Struggle To Be Editor

A little-known team of humans at Facebook removed the iconic photo from the site this week. That move shows how much the company is struggling internally to exercise the most basic editorial judgment.