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Scientists Track Down Serious Methane Leaks In Natural Gas Wells

Faulty gear and attempts to clear liquid from wells can release enough gas to power hundreds of homes, new research reveals. Scientists say finding the leaks is a first step to plugging them.

New Republic Staffers Saw A Clash Between Its Mission And New Methods

Owner Chris Hughes says his shakeup of the magazine aims to create a sustainable means for its commentary and long-form political profiles, but departing journalists see his plan as destructive.

Sources: FAA May Require Licenses To Fly Commercial Drones

The FAA has been struggling to write the rules for unmanned aircraft like the ones Amazon and other companies are developing. But a proposal is finally expected this month.

FBI Wanted Little To Do With James Bond, Memo Reveals

In response to a request from the producers of Goldfinger, the FBI said Ian Fleming's novels "generally center around sex and bizarre situations."

Some Liberals And Tea Partiers Unite To Oppose Trade Deals

President Obama is pushing for massive trade deals with Asian and European nations. Critics say the trade negotiations, which are conducted in private, aren't facing enough scrutiny.

Big Mac Whacked: McDonald's U.S. Sales Continue To Slide

McDonald's is not loving its financial numbers. The fast-food chain reported that same-store sales in the U.S. tumbled 4.6 percent in November compared to a year ago, continuing a downward trend.

Olive Oil Producers In 'Crisis' From Weather, Pests And Disease

Global olive oil production is down. Italian groves have been especially hard hit by a disease that killed 1 million trees. Audie Cornish speaks with Curtis Cord, publisher of the Olive Oil Times.

GOP Leaders: Gas Tax Hike Could Fuel Fixes To Bad Roads And Bridges

Several states, including those led by Republicans, aren't waiting for Congress to shore up the federal highway trust fund and help pay for repairing worn out infrastructure.

'New Republic' Owner Defends Strategy Shift That Led Many To Quit

Media correspondent David Folkenflik talks with Chris Hughes, owner and publisher of The New Republic, about last week's editorial shake-up at the 100-year-old publication.

How Afghanistan Vets Are Trying To Cultivate Peace Through Saffron

Afghanistan has an ideal climate for growing saffron, the most expensive spice in the world. But little is exported. Rumi Spice is working with small farmers there to build the U.S. market for it.