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House Rejects Legislation To Give Obama Fast-Track Trade Authority

Despite last-minute lobbying by President Obama, House Democrats dealt his trade priorities a major blow Friday. In this battle over trade, Republican leaders are aligned with Obama against Democrats.

Mighty Farming Microbes: Companies Harness Bacteria To Give Crops A Boost

Will agricultural chemical dealers start selling microbes? Some big pesticide companies are investing in efforts to turn soil bacteria into tools that farmers can use to grow more food.

How Twitter Can Revive Itself, Even Without Naming Snoop Dogg CEO

Twitter is going through a lot of changes, including switching CEOs. But, analysts say, stalled user growth and discouraging financial results call for more change than just new leadership.

Dealing Blow To Obama, Efforts To Pass Trade Plan Fail In The House

Obama made a last-ditch personal visit to the Capitol, but it didn't make a difference. A House vote today on trade legislation complicated prospects for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Big Change Yields Small Change As Zimbabweans Turn In Their Trillions

The country's massively hyperinflated currency will be phased out beginning next week at a rate of $5 U.S. for every 175 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars.

Hillary Clinton To Address Economic Issues In Campaign Speech

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton holds her first big campaign rally on Roosevelt Island in New York City with a unusually personal speech about how her upbringing forged her commitment to helping others.

Skeptical House Democrats Still Not Sold On Trade Pact

President Obama's trade agenda is expected to face a tense final vote in the House on Friday — one day after surviving a near-death experience in a procedural vote.

Dallas City Council Repeals Plastic Bag Fee

Dallas rescinded its 5-cent fee on plastic bags five months after it went into effect. Plastic bag manufactures had sued the city. A dozen other towns in Texas still restrict plastic bags.

Organic Farmers Call Foul On Whole Foods' Produce Rating System

Some organic farmers are protesting a new system Whole Foods is using to rate its suppliers. They say the system devalues the organic label because nonorganic producers can earn the highest grades.

Health Insurance Premiums Will Go Up In 2016, But By How Much?

Most people buying Obamacare plans next year are likely to face a small increase in the price of monthly premiums, early numbers suggest. A few plans are asking for steep price hikes, but that's rare.