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Volkswagen CEO Resigns, Saying He's 'Shocked' By Emissions Scandal

One day after acknowledging that 11 million Volkswagen-made cars have software that dupes emissions tests, Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn says he is resigning from his post.
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A Criminal Probe Into Allegations Volkswagen Cheated On U.S. Emissions Tests

We discuss the emissions testing scandal at Volkswagen and what it means for consumers and the car industry.


Chicago Mayor Pushes Historic Tax Increase To Fix City's Finances

Rahm Emanuel, who was re-elected this year after a tough campaign, says the tax hike is the best way to address deep financial problems caused in part by Chicago's vastly underfunded pensions.

After Copyright Ruling, Let The People Sing 'Happy Birthday'

Tuesday's ruling by a federal judge that the copyright of the "Happy Birthday" song applies only to specific piano arrangements, not the actual song itself, means the song is now public domain.

Group Led By Billionaire Proposes Overhaul Of LA Public Schools

A memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times reveals a controversial plan to put half of the city's public school kids in charter schools. Renee Montagne talks with Times education reporter Howard Blume.

Volkswagen Scandal Leaves European Leaders, Consumers Reeling

Diesel cars are very popular in Europe, where high gas prices have encouraged many customers to purchase them. Now allegations of emissions cheating by VW have thrown the European car market into confusion.

Willie Mae Seaton's Legacy: A Restaurant That Defines New Orleans

Seaton won a James Beard award for her cooking, and her restaurant, Scotch House, became internationally famous. It wasn't about scotch; it was about fried chicken. Seaton died Saturday at 99.

One Man's Mission To Bring Back Hydrox Cookies

The original chocolate sandwich cookie was discontinued in '99. Ellia Kassoff, who grew up with Hydrox and wanted to bring it back, learned that if someone isn't using a trademark, it's up for grabs.

Happy Birthday To Us All — Judge Rules Tune Is Public Domain

Always a hit (and legal to sing) at private parties, "Happy Birthday To You" can now be used in films and sung at restaurant chains royalty-free.

Pharmaceutical Firms Back Off Big Price Hikes Following Critical Coverage

New York Times coverage of companies' purchases of generic drugs and subsequent huge increases in their cost led to loud criticism, calls for price caps and falling stock prices.