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BofA Cancels Plans For Debit Card Fee

Bank of America canceled plans to impose a $5 monthly fee on customers who use debit cards in stores and restaurants. The bank's original decision to charge the fee came under sharp attack from consumer groups and individual customers.

Investigators Scour Books Of MF Global

When the investment firm MF Global filed for bankruptcy Monday, it told regulators it couldn't account for hundreds of millions of dollars in customer accounts. The missing money caused negotiations to save the firm from bankruptcy to fall apart.

Some Used Car Lots Target Those With Bad Credit

Robert Siegel speaks with Ken Bensinger, business reporter for the Los Angeles Times, about used car sales lots known as "Buy Here Pay Here" dealerships. Bensinger has written a three-part investigative series on this type of business. He tells Robert that "Buy Here Pay Here" lots are very common, and they prey on people with low incomes and bad credit. They charge high prices and very steep interest rates. And in many cases the buyer defaults on the loan, and the car is repossessed and resold again and again.

E.U. Leaders Frustrated By Greek Referendum

Markets slumped from Asia to Europe to the U.S. on word that the Greek prime minister will put the European Union rescue package to a referendum. What now? Guy Raz speaks with NPR's Eric Westervelt for more.

U.S. Sues Major Mortgage Broker Over Lending Fraud

The government says Allied Home Mortgage was "reckless" with its lending practices and that cost the government $834 million in insurance claims.

'Trade You Snickers For Smarties': The Economics Of Halloween Candy

The decibel level in a room filled with children trading candy rivals that of Wall Street. When the trading peaks, cross-room deals have Milk Duds flying overhead while a Jolly Rancher comes the other way.

Bank Of America Dropping Plan For $5 Monthly Debit-Card Fee

The bank's plan to charge many customers if they use the cards to make purchases was not popular. Other institutions had decided not to follow after seeing the backlash.


Holiday Job Hunters: Look Beyond Retail

Many of those seeking temporary work or extra cash may be turning to retailers this season, but they'll face stiff competition. NPR's Senior Business Editor Marilyn Geewax says job hunters may have better luck when submitting their applications to warehouses, Fed Ex, and similar companies. She speaks with guest host Allison Keyes.

Hundreds Of Millions Missing From MF Global, 'New York Times' Reports

Regulators are investigating whether the firm, led by former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, diverted customers' funds to cover its own risky trades. The company filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday.