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ESPN No Longer Plans To Use Hank Williams Song

ESPN is parting ways with Hank Williams Jr. The network will no longer use his signature song "All My Rowdy Friends," to introduce Monday Night Football.

Obama To Congress: Make Jobs Proposal Top Priority

In a White House news conference Thursday morning, President Obama urged Congress to pass his jobs-creation plan.

Debt Crises Not A Damper For Some U.S. Businesses

Despite concerns about Congress and the European debt crisis, most U.S business owners remain optimistic and expect growth to continue this year, the heads of both General Electric and FedEx said Thursday.

Average Rate On 30-Year Mortgages Falls Below 4 Percent For First Time

But though rates are at new lows, many who would like to take advantage of them can't because of too little equity or tight lending standards.

Under A Barrel: What Happened To Rising Gas Prices?

Some commodities analysts were warning earlier this year that gasoline could hit $6 a gallon by the end of the summer. Instead, the national average has fallen steadily since May. Experts say the drop is due to three main factors.

Steve Jobs: How Apple's CEO Helped Transform Popular Culture

Steve Jobs, who died Wednesday, changed many things about the way we consume music, television, and even books.

Steve Jobs: The Link Between Machines And Humans

Through his work, the Apple co-founder and former CEO imagined ever-present, all-purpose, people-friendly gizmos that bridged the divide between poet and programmer, music lover and machinist, grandparent and gamer, technoid and virtually everyone else.

Remembering Steve Jobs' 'Attention To Detail'

Joe Nocera, a columnist with The New York Times talks to Renee Montagne about the life and legacy of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. He died Wednesday at the age of 56. Jobs had been battling a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

Thousands Join In Occupy Wall Street Protests

Thousands of protesters filled the streets of Manhattan's financial district Wednesday night. They came to show support for Occupy Wall Street, a demonstration that is now in its third week. Some of the marchers represented labor unions and other organizations, but many were just ordinary New Yorkers who came to voice their support for the populist protest.

How Belgium Mirrors Europe's Economic Divide

Belgium has spent 16 months struggling to form a federal government. Observers say that issue is a microcosm of the financial crisis that has hit the eurozone.