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Sears Considers Leaving Illinois For Better Tax Deal

The company has called Illinois home for more than a century but is now at the heart of a bidding war between states, which are increasingly looking to take businesses away from one another as new-job creation remains slow. One offer from Ohio is reportedly worth up to $400 million in tax incentives.

Siri's Position On Abortion? A Glitch, Not Conspiracy, Apple Says

When it was discovered earlier this week that Apple's new iPhone assistant had trouble telling users where to find abortion providers, abortion rights groups immediately cried foul.

Lower Unemployment May Paint Incomplete Picture

The Labor Department reports that the country's unemployment rate fell sharply last month. It dropped from 9 percent to 8.6 percent. Unfortunately, the real labor market may not have improved all that much. Many workers have given up looking for jobs, and their "retirement" can skew the unemployment rate, making it look better than the reality.

After 10 Years, Segway Falls Short Of High Hopes

Melissa Block and Guy Raz mark the 10th anniversary of the public unveiling of the balancing scooter called the Segway — a device that was predicted to change our world. It only did 10 percent of the volume expected and became something of a joke.

World Starts To Worry As Chinese Economy Hiccups

After a key Chinese economic measure recently fell to its lowest level in three years, economists said the ripples might be felt in economies thousands of miles away.

Online Gaming Company Zynga Says Target Valuation Is Around $7 Billion

Getting ready for its initial public offering later this month, Zynga set its share price at $8 to $10.

Jobless Dip May Overstate Economic Improvement

The unemployment rate dropped unexpectedly to 8.6 percent in November, in part because hundreds of thousands of Americans stopped looking for work. But analysts said the modest increase of 120,000 jobs created last month points to an economy that's generally still limping.

Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.6 Percent; 120,000 Jobs Added

The highly anticipated news brought a surprise: The unemployment rate had been expected to stay at 9 percent. But it fell in part because of an increase in the number of "discouraged" workers. They've given up looking for jobs.