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Pinterest Email Blast Misses Intended Audience

The emails were to go to future brides. Pinterest hoped to help them plan their special day. But many email recipients weren't tying the knot — they just showed interest in wedding related content.

Federal Judge Rules BP Primary Culprit In Gulf Oil Spill

BP says it will appeal the ruling that the company's reckless conduct and gross negligence caused the largest U.S. offshore oil spill. The ruling exposes BP to potentially billions more in penalties.

In Market Basket's Win, Did Workers Change The Game?

Thousands of workers for the supermarket chain forced the company to back down and restore its CEO. One expert says the labor movement needs to be as creative as those workers to win the next fight.

Across The Country, Fast-Food Workers Rally For $15-An-Hour Pay

Union organizers say workers need a liveable wage and that the campaign to win them is gaining momentum, but the industry says higher wages would increase the cost of fast food.

'Fight For 15' Struggles To Organize Fast-Food Workers

The Service Employees International Union ssays that workers will strike in 150 cities to call for the fast food industry to adopt a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

In E-Book Price War, Amazon's Long-Term Strategy Requires Short-Term Risks

Amazon's position is that "instead of selling 100,000 copies at $14.95, you would sell 200,000 copies, let's say, at $8.99 or $9.99," says industry analyst Tim Bajarin.

The Big Picture Of The Fast-Food Wage Dispute

The 150-city protest for a minimum wage hike comes at a time when other changes are putting more pressure on businesses to pay their workers more. Home health care workers joining the fight also raises the issue of overtime rules, which are expected out from the Labor Department in November.

Johnson & Johnson Pushes Ahead With Ebola Vaccine

The vaccine would target the Zaire species of Ebola that's now spreading through West Africa. The vaccine worked well in tests on macaque monkeys, and it could be tested in humans starting in 2015.

Chill Out, Pie-Makers. There's No Butter Shortage Looming

Butter prices are at their highest levels in years, and supplies are low. But it's not because Americans suddenly discovered that fat isn't evil. It's because other countries love our butter, too.
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D.C. Co-Working Spaces Seek To Redefine The Way We Work

A growing number of workers in Washington, D.C., are saying good riddance to the three-walled office staple of the cubicle and turning to co-working spaces.