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Why Are Men Leaving The American Workforce?

In the 1960s, men slowly but surely began leaving the workforce and many never came back. The trend continues today. Economists cite a number of reasons, from technology to international competition.

'Shark Week' Fuels Shark-Meat Feeding Frenzy At Restaurants

The craze to embrace all things shark during Discovery's "Shark Week" in August is exploding onto menus. But the hype doesn't hide the fact that many of these creatures are endangered.

Autobot$ Rule: Why Transformers 4 Is China's Box Office Champ

Transformers: Age of Extinction hauled in more than $300 million to become the country's all-time top-grossing film. A loyal and nostalgic fan base and action set in China help explain its popularity.

Tourists Pay To Be Locked Up In Budapest's Cellars

Many escape-room games have sprung up in the Hungarian capital recently. The tourists playing the game have to find their way out by solving a series of mysterious clues.

Items Up For Sale At Unclaimed Baggage Center Reflect Trends

It has been called the lost luggage capital of the world. Bags and suitcases that can't be reunited with their owners end up in northern Alabama at the Unclaimed Baggage Center.

BuzzFeed Receives $50 Million Investment

BuzzFeed is expected to use the funds from a venture capital firm to add a number of new content sections and expand news coverage. Earlier, Disney was interested in purchasing BuzzFeed.

Amazon Blocks Pre-Orders Of Some Disney Movies

Amazon is taking on another big media company, Disney. The action comes at a time when the retailer's contract dispute with the Hachette Book group is heating up.

Detroit Struggles To Get People Who Bailed On Water Bills To Pay

Bankrupt Detroit is dealing with $90 million in delinquent water bills. And it's not just residents who aren't paying their water bills, even some businesses have missed payments.

Critics Blame Airbnb For San Francisco's Housing Problems

Some have found that renting on a nightly basis brings a lot more money than long-term leases, but people concerned about a shrinking rental market have turned to legal action and protests.

Rural Town Needs Plumber, Hopes A Student Will Take The Plunge

There's no licensed plumber in Jackman, Maine. So one family is offering a $2,000 scholarship to a local student or former graduate willing to get licensed as a plumber and return to work there.