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How Belgium Mirrors Europe's Economic Divide

Belgium has spent 16 months struggling to form a federal government. Observers say that issue is a microcosm of the financial crisis that has hit the eurozone.

Apple's Steve Jobs Remembered As A 'Visionary'

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died Wednesday at the age of 56. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer seven years ago. President Obama said "the world has lost a visionary." Business leaders around the world — including Apple's biggest rivals — are also paying tribute.

Senate Democrats Propose Surtax On Millionaires

Senate Democrats are making a change to President Obama's jobs bill. They want to pay for it by putting a five percent surtax on earnings over $1 million. Congressional Republicans were quick to dismiss the surtax idea.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dies At 56

Long before the MacBook and the iPad, Steve Jobs dreamed that computers could be used to help unleash human creativity. He spent much of his life bringing that dream to fruition.

Calif. Agency Considers Climate Change In Its Plans

Officials in California caution that rising sea levels could inundate the shoreline of San Francisco Bay, including the San Francisco International Airport and several Silicon Valley companies. A state planning agency votes on rules that would limit new construction around the bay on Thursday. That's inspired a fierce battle with the business community.

India Unveils Inexpensive Tablet Computer

The device is called the Aakash, which means sky in Hindi, and will be available to students for $35. The aim is to close a vast digital divide in India where, by one estimate, only five in 100 people use the Internet.