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A Bid To Bring Foreign Buyers To The Housing Market

Foreigners could get a tourist visa if they spend $500,000 in cash on homes and live in the U.S. for at least half the year, under proposed legislation. Home sales are in decline, so Sens. Mike Lee and Chuck Schumer introduced the bill to attract wealthy people abroad to spend their money in the U.S.

Hamilton's Lesson For Europe: Pay Your Debt

As European leaders meet to decide on a plan to help struggling member nations, they might be helped by some two-century-old advice from America's first Treasury secretary. Alexander Hamilton insisted that paying off Revolutionary War debts would lead to economic greatness.

'Steve Jobs' Book Reveals Delay In Cancer Surgery; Vow To Destroy Android

With a book about Steve Jobs' life set to hit real and virtual shelves soon, his official biographer, Walter Isaacson, is appearing on 60 Minutes. The book reveals that Jobs waited months before having surgery on a tumor — and unknowingly met his biological father.

'Margin Call' Sheds Light On Wall Street Meltdown

Margin Call is based on the financial collapse of 2008. The firm in the movie is so over-committed to risky real estate loans that it owes more money than the company is worth. The cast includes Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Jeremy Irons and Stanley Tucci.

Eurozone Debt Crisis Divides France, Germany

European efforts to resolve its debt crisis stand in disarray. France and Germany are divided over how to finance bailout programs for Greece and other highly indebted countries. The question is who will back down first.

'Real World' Interested In Wall Street Protesters

The MTV reality show The Real World posted an ad on Craigslist earlier this week seeking Occupy Wall Street protesters as cast members. The news blog "Talking Points Memo" picked up on the posting, and called the production company to confirm. An executive there said the protest is "something that's in the zeitgeist of young people."

PC Sales Help Microsoft Deliver Strong Earnings

Critics say Microsoft is staid and lacks vision, but the company keeps churning out sizable profits. The quarterly numbers released late Thursday were driven by strong corporate sales of PCs.