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Johnson & Johnson Pushes Ahead With Ebola Vaccine

The vaccine would target the Zaire species of Ebola that's now spreading through West Africa. The vaccine worked well in tests on macaque monkeys, and it could be tested in humans starting in 2015.

Chill Out, Pie-Makers. There's No Butter Shortage Looming

Butter prices are at their highest levels in years, and supplies are low. But it's not because Americans suddenly discovered that fat isn't evil. It's because other countries love our butter, too.
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D.C. Co-Working Spaces Seek To Redefine The Way We Work

A growing number of workers in Washington, D.C., are saying good riddance to the three-walled office staple of the cubicle and turning to co-working spaces.


Russians React To Western Food Ban With Pride, Resignation

As NATO discusses the crisis in Ukraine this week, Russia's ban on Western imports of fresh food marches on. For now, Moscow's grocery shelves are still stocked, and citizens are stoic.

NYPD Officers Sent To Twitter School

The New York City Police Department is forcing some cops to enroll in Social Media 101, following several snafus. A memo handed out at the first session reminded them to use common sense.

Nevada Likely To Become Home To Tesla's Battery Factory

Several states, including California and Texas, are in competition for the so-called Gigafactory, which is expected to employ as many as 6,500 workers. They will make lithium ion batteries.

Boring Craigslist Ads Could Be A Thing Of The Past

That is if Classify Advertising gets its way. Advertising students and professionals are providing their services for free to help jazz up the postings of items for sale on Craigslist.

Michael Bloomberg Will Return To Run His Media Company

The company announced in a news release that Daniel Doctoroff, who has led the company as Chief Executive Officer since 2011, would step aside at the end of this year.

The Myth Of The Private Naked Selfie

When hackers steal credit card numbers, the banks and major retailers pay. When they steal personal photos from an Apple account, the user shoulders the cost and can't take back the images.

Dead Chickens, A Tiny Motor And The Story Of Alibaba

Alibaba is the biggest e-commerce company in the world. It may also save the lives of a few chickens in Northern California.