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Corporate Profits Take Permanent Vacation In Caymans And Bermuda

According to a study, 367 of the companies on the Fortune 500 have at least one subsidiary in a tax haven country. The study found companies are holding $2.5 trillion in profits offshore.

FACT CHECK: Vice Presidential Debate

NPR's politics team, with help from reporters and editors who cover national security, immigration, business, foreign policy and more, live annotated the debate.

How Donald Trump Lost $916 Million

The nearly billion-dollar losses Donald Trump appears to have claimed on some leaked tax forms could have come from risky investments in casinos, an airline and more.

Higher Wages And Easy Credit Likely To Spur Holiday Sales, Retailers Say

The National Retail Federation's economist and many other analysts say shoppers are in good shape to spend more this holiday season. Sales are expected to jump 3.6 percent.

On Your Mark, Give Birth, Go Back To Work

Tricia Olson gave birth to her son and was back on the job three weeks later. Like most Americans, she doesn't get paid family leave, and she's among the 40 percent who don't qualify for unpaid leave.

Google Goes All-In On Hardware With 'Pixel' Phone, Home Assistant, VR Headset

The tech giant has been outmaneuvered in consumer products, namely by Amazon's Echo and Apple's iPhone. Google is now betting on its artificial intelligence progress to stage a comeback.

International Monetary Fund Lowers Its Outlook For U.S. Economic Growth

The U.S. economy is projected to see 1.6 percent growth this year, down from the 2.2 percent that the IMF had previously forecast. Globally, growth is seen essentially moving sideways in 2016.
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The Ongoing Vacancy At The Supreme Court And What It Means For High Profile Cases This Term

The Supreme Court begins another new term without a ninth justice. High profile cases on the docket address voting rights, immigration and racial discrimination: How the ongoing vacancy could affect court decisions and voter sentiment in next month’s presidential election.


Mom Sues JetBlue After Her 5-Year-Old Was Delivered To Wrong City

It's not uncommon for an airline to lose luggage in transit. It's less common to lose children. But that's exactly what happened to Maribel Martinez. Her son was sent to Boston rather than New York.

Is It Fair That Businesses Get To 'Carry Forward' Their Losses?

A developer such as Donald Trump can use a net operating loss "carryforward" to lower his taxes. That may sound weird, but the law has been in place for nearly a century, and experts say it's fair.