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Tussle Over Electric Bill Plunges New York Mall Into The Dark

The lights suddenly went off today at the Rotterdam Square Mall near Schenectady after what the owners say was "a total misunderstanding" with the power company.

From Facebook To A Virtual You: Planning Your Digital Afterlife

Whether you appoint a postmortem account manager or opt for "virtual immortality," new online tools help us navigate how we will preserve our digital footprint after death.

As Commodity Prices Plunge, Groceries May Be Next

Oil prices aren't the only thing that's dropped. The prices of everything from corn to sugar have fallen, too. So some economists predict lower prices at the grocery store later this year.
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Uber, Lyft Would Face Taxi-Style Rules In Virginia Under New Legislation

The ride-hailing legislation would "ensure the safety of passengers, drivers, the public, provide citizens for transportation options, and provide access for new businesses," says its House sponsor.


Bob Simon, Veteran Of CBS News And '60 Minutes,' Dies In Car Crash

Decorated journalist Bob Simon, a correspondent for 60 Minutes known for his insightful reporting from far-flung spots around the world, has died in a car crash in New York City. He was 73.
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Proposal To Tax Online Hotel Bookings Hits Resistance From Travel Industry

The proposal by a Democratic state senator would apply Maryland's sales and use tax to hotel bookings made through online travel sites.


Keystone XL Pipeline Would Transport 'Dirty Energy'

Despite veto threats, the House sent the Keystone XL pipeline bill to President Obama. David Greene talks to Susan Casey-Lefkowitz of the Natural Resources Defense Council about environmental issues.

House Sends Keystone XL Pipeline Measure To Obama Despite Veto Threat

Republicans do not appear to have enough votes to override a presidential veto. It's unlikely to be the last standoff between the GOP and the president on energy issues.
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Clips: After Two Decades Growing Roots, Brookland Barber Looking For New Home

We'll debut a new series about long-time barbershops in D.C., by meeting a man who treats his business like the community's living room.

Brian Williams' Suspension Brings Attention To Tom Brokaw

We look at the fraught relationship between NBC's Brian Williams (who has been suspended without pay for six months) and his predecessor, Tom Brokaw.