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America's Food Truck Craze Parks On The Streets Of Kolkata

Kolkata now has its first food truck: Agdum Bagdum, which hawks Indian fusion food. It was inspired by American food trucks — which were originally inspired by street food in places like Kolkata.

Help Wanted: Must Like Heights And High Voltage

A shortage of line workers raises the question: How do you entice millennials into tough electric utility work, when "you can't get a kid to lick a stamp, much less climb a pole" these days?

Push For $15 Minimum Wage Becoming Part Of Presidential Politics

In dozens of cities, low-wage workers, backed by a key union, held demonstrations demanding a minimum wage of $15. They planned to protest in Milwaukee outside the Republican presidential debate.

Federal Prosecutors Charge 3 In International Cyber Crime Spree

The indictments allege the defendants hacked JP Morgan Chase and other financial institutions, stealing data from some 100 million customers to lure victims into a stock trading scam.

Simplifying Soup: Campbell's Tinkers With Chicken Noodle Recipe

Campbell's Soup has announced they're cutting their ingredients list. NPR reports on the move to simplify soup.

Daily Fantasy Sports Under Threat As Several States Weigh Regulations

States across the country are weighing regulations for daily fantasy sports, which could temper the relatively new industry's explosive growth.

Some Hospital Systems Want To Care For You And Sell You Insurance

These plans, which remain a minority in the marketplaces, can help steer consumers to the system's hospitals and doctors, but some also offer competitive prices.
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TT: When Companies Use Your Online Searches Against You

Today, our every move online--from that Facebook post about going to yoga to a search for a family lawyer--creates a detailed profile of us which can be collected and sold by data brokers and marketers.


4 Indicted In 'Largest U.S. Bank Breach Ever,' Justice Says

The criminal ring stole the personal data of more than 100 million people, the federal indictment says, adding that the targeted companies include "one of the world's largest financial institutions."

Update: Campbell's Is Rethinking Its Chicken Soup Recipe

The company is tinkering with its ingredient list, starting with the Healthy Kids Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth, in cans with Star Wars- and Frozen-themed labels.