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Starbucks Says It Complies With U.K. Tax Laws

In Britain, eyebrows have been raised over the revelation this week that Starbucks has paid almost no corporate tax on its U.K. operations. For its part, the Seattle-based company insists it's done nothing wrong.

The Candidate Is Fake; The Consultants Are Real

Yesterday, we had economists create their dream presidential platform. Today, we seek professional help to launch our fake presidential candidate.

Investors' Funds Are Recovering, But Not Their Nerves

Retirement accounts have finally recovered the ground they lost when the stock market started crashing in 2008. But they have lost five years' worth of gains. So millions of small investors are doubting the old adage "invest for the long haul."

Evaporated Cane Juice: Sugar In Disguise?

Some food companies are using the term "evaporated cane juice" on their ingredients list instead of sugar. But the Food and Drug Administration says the term can mislead consumers into thinking it's not sugar, and has advised companies not to use it.

Google's Stock Drops After Premature Release; 'PendingLarry' Goes Viral

The company's third-quarter earnings news, which isn't so great, was mistakenly posted hours before it was supposed to be made public. Now, the release's note that it's "PENDING LARRY QUOTE" has folks making fun of what it is CEO Larry Page might want to say.

Jobless Claims Take Sharp Jump: Rose By 46,000 Last Week

The increase put claims back in the range they've been stuck in all year. The previous week's sharp drop may have been due in part to changes in the way some seasonal changes in employment are reported.

'Newsweek' Kills Its Print Edition

A dwindling subscriber base for the weekly magazine, and growing interest in its online partnership with The Daily Beast, is leading to creation of Newsweek Global, an "all-digital publication."