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Encyclopaedia Britannica Goes All-Digital

After 244 years in print, Encyclopaedia Britannica is making the move to all digital. The company said it was killing off its print edition to focus on its digital offerings.

Auto Parts Suppliers Hiring As Fast As They Can

During the Great Recession, hundreds of parts makers went bankrupt or slashed their payrolls. But now that Detroit automakers have turned the corner and stepped up their orders, many of their suppliers find themselves short-handed.

Federal Reserve Releases Bank 'Stress Test'

Melissa Block talks with Jim Zarroli about the results of the Federal Reserve's latest "stress tests" on large banks. It had been planning to release the results later in the week, but went ahead after banks started releasing the information themselves independently.

Federal Reserve Says Most Major U.S. Banks Would Survive Severe Recession

The Federal Reserve said 15 of the country's top 19 banks have enough capital to survive a "severe recession." The Fed tested them assuming an unemployment rate of 13 percent and a 50 percent drop in equity prices.

Factories 'Reshore' Some Work From Overseas

Manufacturers cut millions of jobs during the recession. But since 2010, U.S. manufacturing employment has been ticking back up, with companies adding about 400,000 workers. At least a small portion of that growth came because of the return of factory work from abroad.