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In White House Run, Cain Counts On Corporate Skill

Herman Cain is the only Republican presidential contender who's never held political office. Critics say that could be a real disadvantage. Cain and his supporters, however, say his business experience, leadership skills and ability to solve problems make him "the people's candidate."

Six Miles Offshore: The Wreck Of Montebello

More than 3 million gallons of crude oil from a sunken tanker may be threatening California's Central Coast. The SS Montebello sank in 1941 after it was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. A group is now trying to determine just how much of an environmental threat the Montebello poses, 900 feet below the waves.

Winarsky Talks About Siri

Robert Siegel speaks with Norman Winarsky, vice president of SRI Ventures and co-founder and board member of Siri. Siri was an SRI spin-off company acquired by Apple last year. This company developed the virtual personal assistant technology for the new iPhone.

Some News Corp Investors Aim To Challenge Murdoch

The annual meeting of News Corp's shareholders will take place this Friday under unusual circumstances — a growing number of corporate governance advisers and a significant number of investors are calling for the Murdoch family and their close allies to loosen their hold on the corporation's board. This follows the phone hacking and police corruption scandal in the U.K. that has enveloped James Murdoch and his former top lieutenants, as well as subsequent questions about the larger company's governance and structure. As the Murdochs control about 40 percent of voting stock and a sympathetic Saudi prince controls another 7 percent, there is almost no mathematical chance they can be forced to relinquish control on a vote. However, it represents a moment at which notable opposition has built up against the Murdochs — both outside and inside the corporate sphere.

Big Banks Report Earnings This Week

Most big U.S. banks are reporting earnings this week. On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs said it lost money in the third quarter amid declining revenues and markdowns on its investments. Bank of America showed improved results, but it lost the biggest bank title to J.P. Morgan Chase.

Cultivating A Wine Market In N.Y.'s Finger Lakes

The hills surrounding the lakes are fertile ground, and the area's wines are gaining acclaim. But it's still tough to buy a bottle: The Finger Lakes wines face tough competition from better-known wines, and only a few of the local labels can be found in other states.

DeLorean Goes Electric: Company Plans New Model Of Iconic Gullwing Car

There's a new DeLorean DMC-12 coming out — or rather, there's a new version of the stainless steel wedge of a sportscar that became an icon of '80s cool. But it won't run on gas — it'll be electric. And it won't require a nuclear reaction that generates 1.21 gigawatts, either.

Bank Of America Reports $6.2 Billion Profit

But results were boosted by several one-time-only factors, including cost-cutting efforts and asset sales.