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Some Greeks Wary Of Bailout Deal, Dread Austerity

European leaders saved Greece from a messy default — and a possible exit from the Eurozone — by finalizing a second bailout, with loans amounting to around $170 million. Greek politicians are celebrating for now, but most Greeks are filled with dread. They fear the new austerity measures will drag out the recession — which is in its fifth year — and continue to push up unemployment, which is already more than 21 percent overall.

Even When Employed, Health Care A Challenge

A little more than a year ago, NPR launched the Road Back to Work series, following six people in St. Louis who started 2011 unemployed and were searching for work. Like so many Americans, the people we followed have had difficulty getting health coverage, even after returning to work.

Greece: So, What Now?

More bailout money for Greece means adhering to tough austerity measures, but it's the price of saving Europe from a larger — and much more dangerous — financial meltdown.

What Happened To The Rainy Day Fund?

Americans have tended to save more and spend less in the years since the economic downturn in 2008. But according to a survey from, only 54 percent of Americans have more emergency savings than credit card debt.

High Court Will Weigh Discount Fees In Quicken Mortgage Case

Borrowers claim Quicken charged them "something for nothing" when it included a loan discount fee, even though the borrowers did not receive a lower interest fee. At issue is whether that charge violates a a 1974 federal law aimed at preventing abusive practices in real estate closings.

A Family's Year Of Buying Black

Many consumers try shopping consciously by going to local stores or ones owned by certain faith or ethnic groups. Maggie Anderson and her family spent a year trying to shop exclusively at African American-owned businesses. They chronicled their efforts in the new book titled Our Black Year. Maggie Anderson talks with host Michel Martin.

Doubts Linger After Late-Night Deal On Bailout For Greece

Though other member nations of the eurozone put together a $170 billion rescue package, much more likely must be done to keep Greece afloat, experts say.

Euro Countries Vote To Save Greece From Default

After months of wrangling and marathon talks in Brussels, European Union finance ministers approved a second bailout for Greece worth more than $170 billion to help save the country from bankruptcy. It's the second massive aid package for Athens in two years during a debt crisis that has pushed the euro currency union to the breaking point.