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Zynga Expects Stock IPO To Raise $1 Billion

Social media gaming company Zynga this week is expected to begin trading its shares publicly. It plans to sell 100 million shares — each one priced anywhere from $8.50 to $10. Zynga's initial public offering is expected be the largest technology IPO since Google's in 2004.

iNukeBoom Is One Big Boombox

As a publicity stunt, audio company Behringer has come out with an 8-foot wide by 4-foot high iPod docking station. It weighs 700 pounds and costs $30,000.

Kodak Shifts Focus, Zooms In On Commercial Printing

The company's name was once synonymous with photography, but after years in decline, Kodak is shifting gears to focus on more profitable commercial printing operations — a plan that CEO Antonio Perez says is sure to renew profitability.

White House Kills Dollar Coin Program

More than 1 billion coins are sitting unwanted in government vaults. Ending the program will save an estimated $50 million a year.