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Wrapping Paper Industry Puts A Bow On 2011

While there's no industry-wide data available yet for this year, U.S. gift-wrap makers are expecting to post their strongest sales in years, according to The Wall Street Journal. The industry was shredded during the recession when many stores stopped offering gift-wrapping service.

The Top Gadgets Of 2011

Holiday gift card or money burning a hole in your pocket? Want to buy an electronic gadget? Linda Wertheimer talks to Rich Jaroslovsky, tech columnist for Bloomberg News, about his top gadget picks for 2011.

Toyota Begins Aqua Sales In Japan

Japanese carmaker Toyota began selling its smallest and greenest hybrid car in Japan Monday. Known as the Aqua, it's said to get more than 83 miles per gallon and cost around $22,000.

Unemployed Workers Try To Keep Their Spirits Bright

As millions of Americans continue to search for work, new research shows their physical behavior, emotions and finances change the longer an individual is out of work. Career counselors say the longer someone is jobless, the more side effects they will likely suffer from — like depression and families breaking up.

Horse Breeders Seek To Rein In Bets On Barrel Races

In Gretna, Fla., a casino's plan to turn barrel racing into a betting proposition has run into opposition from quarter horse breeders and trainers, who say the new event could destroy their industry.

For One Ala. Farmer, Workers Are Still Scarce

When Alabama passed its tough immigration law, it affected a lot of farms and farmers, including tomato farmer Jamie Boatwright. Back in October he was worried about his harvest, but now he has to worry about the new planting season and the future of his tomato business.

Rapture Or Not, Promise To Care For Pets Stands

On May 21, the world was supposed to end — at least according to one Christian evangelist — and an Atheist businessman cashed in. For $135, Bart Centre promised to care for your cat or horse or potbellied pig in the event that you were raptured. Centre says only a few customers asked for refunds when the rapture didn't happen and he is still offering his service for the next prediction.