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Atlanta Symphony Locked Out

With the symphony's 68th season just weeks away, it's uncertain whether the opening concert will happen.

Chicago Strike Emblematic Of Union Struggle

Teachers unions were once a dominant force in American politics and education policy. While still major players, they are rapidly losing strength and having a harder time finding reliable allies.
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Montgomery County Faces Public Utility Company Debate

The president of the Montgomery County Council will meet two groups this week that want to replace Pepco with a publicly owned company.


GoDaddy Goes Down, Anonymous Member Takes Responsibility

GoDaddy hosts more than 5 million websites and has registered more than 53 million domain names.
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Tough Mudder Organizers Offer Refunds

Organizers of the Tough Mudder 12-mile race will offer refunds to participants due to the event being cut short over the weekend.


Master Violin Maker Feels Economy's Sour Notes

Artists and musicians often take the first hit when the economy takes a turn for the worse. Host Michel Martin speaks with writer Amanda Abrams about one violin maker's struggle to make ends meet in tough times. Abrams chronicles Howard Needham's story in this week's Washington Post Magazine.

Government To Sell Controlling Interest In Bailed-Out AIG

The government will reduce its stake in the insurance giant to less than 50 percent for the first time since the 2008 bailout.

Who's Responsible When A Business Succeeds?

A recurring debate in the presidential contest is who's responsible when a business succeeds. The candidates' arguments have stirred a debate within the business community itself.

Hot Colors For Spring: Tender Shoots, Tidal Foam

Tender Shoots is one of the hot colors for spring 2013, according to a statement from Pantone, the New Jersey color company that works with designers to decide the dominant hues for the fashion industry each season. Pantone describes the color as "vibrant yellow-green, invigorating, active and cheerful." For men, the color for spring is Tidal Foam.