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The Downside To Owning Your Own Island

Has Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's megadeal to purchase most of a Hawaiian island got you thinking it's high time to buy an isle of your own? There are some things to consider before shelling out for your own piece of paradise.

Why A Strong Yen Means More U.S. Jobs

Japanese car makers are getting killed by the exchange rate, so they're expanding production in the U.S.

A Week Of Near-Calamities Erodes Confidence

For consumers and business owners, a week of weaving around potential calamities was not exactly a confidence builder. "There's an overall sense of frustration," says Paul Root, a kennel owner in California.

Watch McDonald's Make A Supermodel Out Of A Quarter Pounder

McDonald's Canada Marketing Director Hope Bagozzi responds to a customer's question about how and why the famous McDonald's burgers looks better in front of the lens, and it becomes a YouTube sensation.

Credit Rating Agency Moody's Downgrades 15 Banks

Fifteen major banks were downgraded Thursday in a reflection of the slowing global economy and volatility in financial markets. In a sweeping move, Moody's cut the credit ratings of some of the world's largest financial institutions, including Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

2 Million Toilet Flushing Systems Recalled

Product safety regulators announced the recall Thursday after hundreds of people reported explosions in their toilet tanks. The faulty flushing system is made by the brand Flushmate — specifically the Flushmate Three Pressure-Assist Flushing System. It's used by several toilet manufacturers including American Standard and Crane.

Calif. Budget Plan Cuts Programs To Trim Deficit

California Governor Jerry Brown and legislative leaders have reached a deal on the state's budget. The plan includes deep cuts to social programs. It would also knock three weeks off the school year unless voters approve new taxes proposed by Brown.