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Examining Earned Income Tax Credit

It's time for another installment in Morning Edition's 12 Days of Tax Deductions — a check on some of the deductions, credits and tax breaks that could be on the chopping block as the government seeks to raise revenue and reduce debt.

SEC Chairman Schapiro's Exit Interview

In an interview with David Greene, outgoing Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Schapiro reflects on her tenure at the agency, and the disappointment that she wasn't able to overhaul money market funds. She leaves the job on Friday.

'Fiscal Cliff' Message Repeats Itself

As the negotiations drag on, the lack of progress means the key players have necessarily taken to repeating themselves. Sometimes, word-for-word, as they describe how they have worked for a solution while their opponents have stonewalled.

What Does Right To Work Mean?

The term "right to work" has been in the news a lot this week. On Tuesday, Michigan became the 24th state to enact right-to-work legislation. It means unions can no longer require workers to pay full dues, even if they're working in a union shop.

Farewell, Bosses: A Wave Of Young Entrepreneurs

Burdened by the weak economy, more and more millennials — ages 18 to 34 — are becoming their own bosses. A study shows that more than half of them want to start a business or already have.

How A Middle-School Principal Persuaded Students To Come To School

He created incentives that 11-year-olds could relate to. (Somehow, "Come to school and you'll be better off in 20 years," just wasn't working.)