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155,000 Jobs Added In December, Jobless Rate At 7.8 Percent

Growth was in line with expectations and adds to the evidence that the nation continues to add jobs at a modest pace.

Did Hiring Pick Up As 2012 Ended? We'll Find Out Shortly

The December employment report is due. Economists expect to hear that the jobless rate remained at 7.7 percent and that about 150,000 jobs were added to payrolls. If there is a surprise, some analysts say, it's likely to be better-than-expected news.

2012 Was A Very Good Year For The Car Industry

Last year was the third straight year of double-digit growth for the auto industry. Chrysler had the biggest increase for an American company with a 21 percent increase over the previous year.

California Law Addresses Social Media Privacy

California has a new law in affect this year that bars employers from forcing employees to hand over their social media passwords. Some companies have been asking for these passwords to keep tabs on employees.

December's Jobless Rate Forecast To Remain Steady

The government releases its December unemployment report Friday. Economists expect the jobless rate will have stayed about the same at 7.7 percent. The data could indicate the anticipation of the "fiscal cliff" made businesses jittery about hiring.

Budget Deal Provides Tax Breaks For Green Energy

Congress included an array of benefits for renewable energy and energy saving technologies in its "fiscal cliff" package. Homeowners can get tax credits for upgrading their houses to make them more energy efficient or buying energy star appliances. Industries that produce alternative energies from biodiesel to wind power got big incentives to produce more cleaner power.

Feline Lovers Dig Cat Cafe

An entrepreneur in London is raising money online to open a coffee shop in the city that's feline friendly. Cat cafes are already popular in some Asian cities, where many landlords don't allow pets.