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Central Banks Around Globe Move To Ease Fears

Leading central banks around the world took coordinated moves Wednesday to provide more liquidity in the global financial system and calm rising fears in Europe over access to credit. As Europe's sovereign debt crisis worsens, bank lending has tightened, and nervous investors are reluctant to make loans to European banks.

Fed Joins New Effort To Ease Financial Woes

The Federal Reserve joined other major central banks Wednesday in a coordinated effort to shore up the global financial system. The move comes at a time when credit is becoming tighter, especially in Europe, because of doubts about the health of big banks.

Central Banks Join To Battle Credit Crisis, Stocks Surge

By adding "liquidity" to the world's markets, the central banks aim to keep credit flowing.

Employers Added 206,000 Jobs This Month, Report Signals

The increase in the ADP National Employment Report was well above economists' expectations. And it could be a sign that Friday's news from the government on November job growth will also be positive.

Elvis Costello Thinks His New Box Set Is Overpriced

Elvis Costello's box set includes three CDs, a vinyl record and a coffee table book. To get all this, however, you are asked to pay $225. Costello seems to be shocked. On a website, he declares, "we are unable to recommend this lovely item as the price appears to be either a misprint or a satire."

Fair Trade Labeling May Confuse Coffee Drinkers

The fair trade movement, which pays premiums to farmers in developing countries for meeting social and environmental standards, is growing quickly and contentiously. The nation's largest fair trade certifying agency has split from its international partner, hoping to expand the program to plantation-grown coffee. Some coffee sellers say the agency is just lowering standards to benefit corporate coffee companies.