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Feds Seize 150 Websites In Counterfeit Crackdown

Agents from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI had been investigating for months before seizing the domain names of websites that allegedly sold phony goods such as professional sports jerseys, golf equipment and DVD sets.

Holiday Sales Have Strong Start, Will The Trend Continue?

A good first weekend is welcome news. But after a deep recession and with unemployment still high, analysts want to wait and see.

Outside The Eurozone, But Britain Is Still Struggling

Britain opted out of the euro, but it's by no means protected from the eurozone troubles. Declining demand on the continent means fewer British exports. The picture is particularly bleak in places like Hull — a port city with one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in Britain.

NFL Tries To Coax Chinese Into Liking Football

Chinese love World Cup Soccer and NBA basketball. Selling them NFL football has proven much more difficult. On Sunday, the NFL set up an elaborate, interactive exhibition outside a Shanghai stadium in an attempt to build a fan base in the world's most populous nation.

NBA Season Could Get Underway On Christmas

A tentative labor agreement has been reached between NBA owners and players. If both sides ratify the deal, the season would open on Christmas Day with three games.

Calif. High Speed Rail Isn't Quick To Take Off

The dream of high speed rail in California is running into tough realities. Cost estimates have more than doubled — to nearly $100 billion — since the project was approved by voters in 2008. The date of completion has been pushed back to 2030.

Performance Hall Will Allow Texting, Tweeting

Officials overseeing a new performance hall had to decide on a mobile phone policy. While theaters generally remind patrons to turn off their devices, The New York Times reports the new theater in Bellevue, Wash., will encourage smartphone use. The theater wants to attract younger audiences, and that means there's no use forbidding the technology.

Should CEOs No Longer Be Granted Stock Options?

Author Jim Collins talks to Steve Inskeep as part of the Morning Edition occasional series Fixes. Collins says that by making CEOs buy company stock with their own money, they will have more incentive to manage for the long term and make the types of decisions that lead to job growth.