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Fed's New Plan Focuses On The Housing Market

The Federal Reserve is launching a new plan to bolster economic growth. It will begin buying up mortgage-backed securities — $40 billion a month — in a bid to drive down mortgage rates. The Fed said it would continue until it sees unemployment come down.

Home Depot To Close 7 Stores In China

Home Depot, the U.S.-based home improvement big box chain, said it will close seven of its stores in China. The company says they're moving away from the "do-it-yourself" model in China.

Discouraged In Hunt For A Job, Many Stop Looking

The unemployment rate dropped last month, but it's not all good news. Some 844,000 people have given up on finding a job for one reason or another. Some have decided to go back to school to train for a new career, but others have simply become too dejected to keep trying.

California Online Sales Tax Faces Enforcement Hurdle

Starting Saturday, California shoppers will begin paying sales tax on more online purchases. It's the eighth state to pass a so-called "Amazon tax," named after the mega e-tailer. But most of the sales tax owed will remain uncollected.

Ben Bernanke: Fed Is Looking For 'Sustained Improvement' Of Economy

The Federal Reserve chief said the new policy aims to stabilize economic growth.

Unemployment, Ben Bernanke And Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

What people think is going to happen to the economy has a huge influence over what actually happens. The Fed knows this, and is trying to take advantage of it.
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D.C.'s Last Full-Service Music Store Helps Customers Make Beautiful Music

Myrna Sislen is celebrating her tenth year as owner of Middle C Music, the District's only full-service music store.