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2 Companies Settle Over Apps' 'Baseless' Claims

The Federal Trade Commission has reached settlements with two companies who have been selling mobile phone applications claiming to cure acne. The Apps — which were downloaded nearly 15,000 times — instructed consumers to hold their phone's display screen next to their skin for a few minutes a day, and colored lights would treat the blemishes. The FTC says the companies have agreed to stop making these "baseless" claims.

Nevadans Watch Obama With Low Expectations

President Obama plans to take his job creation message to the American people in the coming weeks. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country. A group of people, who are employed, watched Obama's speech, and most of them are not convinced his plan would create good long-term jobs.

Obama Proposes $450 Billion American Jobs Act

Before a joint session of Congress Thursday night, President Obama outlined what he called the American Jobs Act, and he repeatedly called on lawmakers to pass it "right away." Among other things, the proposal includes a cut in payroll taxes for both employers and employees.

Amazon Agrees To Collect State Tax In California

The online retail giant has enjoyed a huge competitive advantage by not collecting sales taxes — as brick and mortar stores do. Consumers pay that much less for the same goods. But now a deal has been reached that could hasten the day consumers nationwide pay tax on things they buy online.

The Man Who Roped Investors Into A Cattle Con

In 2008, in Howard County, Mo., a crook was defrauding dozens of farmers across the country with the Midwestern version of the Ponzi scheme. Kevin Ray Asbury sold top-shelf Angus cattle to investors with the promise that they'd make money. And he made millions before his scheme was discovered by a small-town sheriff.

Amid Recruiting Crisis, Military Turns To Branding

In the mid 2000s, as casualty counts grew for U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the armed forces faced a recruiting crisis. So, taking a page from the private sector, the military turned to branding as a solution to their image problem — to make the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps seem accessible and cool. Everything from Marine Corps hot sauce to Army paint ball guns hit the shelves. And Washington Post reporter Christian Davenport tells Robert Siegel the U.S. military is now doing a booming business.

Boy Scouts Find New Home Amid Mountains

In West Virginia, an Appalachian mountain is being transformed into a vast Boy Scout camp. It's more than 10,000 acres, and will border the New River Gorge. The $400 million construction budget and future events at the site are expected to aid an economically depressed area.

What Will It Take To Get Companies Hiring Again?

As President Obama prepares to take the wraps off what will likely be a multibillion-dollar plan to spur job creation, employers sound off on what has kept them from adding workers and what they need to start hiring.