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Jobs Numbers May Boost Obama Re-election Effort

Friday's lower unemployment figures are good news for the Obama administration early in an election year.

Facebook's IPO And The Average Investor

The social network filed to go public earlier this week and is hoping to raise $5 billion in a huge IPO. The markets are buzzing, but what might it mean for an individual investor? Melissa Block gets the story on how high profile IPOs work from Dennis Berman, Marketplace editor at The Wall Street Journal.

Who Killed Lard?

Lard didn't just fall out of favor. It was pushed. It was a casualty of a battle between giant business and corporate interests.

Can Komen Recover From Controversy?

The breast cancer organization has suffered one of the worst public relations disasters in recent memory. Komen relies heavily on positive associations with its cause, but restoring its luster will be quite a task.

Prison Meal Deal: Where The Staff Serves Lunch ... And Time

At the Fife and Drum Restaurant, located in a Massachusetts minimum-security prison, inmates learn to cook and wait tables. Regulars praise the tasty lunches served up at bargain prices. Prison officials say such job training reduces the chances prisoners will re-offend.

Have Economists Got It Wrong About The U.S.?

Five years ago, Federal Reserve head Ben Bernanke said the housing sector wasn't a major economic concern. In fact, most experts failed to see the looming subprime mortgage crisis that sank the U.S. economy. If they were so wrong about the Great Recession, it's possible they could also be blind to a "Great Recovery."

Komen Issues Apology In Planned Parenthood Flap

After a national backlash, the Komen for the Cure breast cancer foundation says it will continue its funding to Planned Parenthood. Earlier this week, Komen said it would cut support for affiliates of Planned Parenthood, which performs breast cancer screenings, amid an investigation by GOP lawmakers into Planned Parenthood and its funding of abortion services.