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Volkswagen Used 'Defeat Device' To Skirt Emissions Rules, EPA Says

The agency says some 480,000 diesel-powered Volkswagens have sophisticated software that detects emissions testing — and "turns full emissions controls on only during the test."


In Further Thaw With Cuba, U.S. Relaxes Rules On Visiting, Money And Business

The changes that will take effect Monday allow U.S. companies to provide Internet and communications services in Cuba. Air and cruise ship travel will also be easier.

Federal Reserve Officials Leave Interest Rates Steady

The Fed left interest rates unchanged — citing actions abroad that could have a negative effect on U.S. growth. A majority of policymakers predict a hike in interest rates by the end of this year.

Northwest Legume Farmers Feel The Squeeze From Oregon's Port Feud

A labor dispute at the Port of Portland has brought container shipping from there to a halt. That means lentil and chickpea farmers are having a difficult time getting their crops to foreign markets.

Pro Leagues Embrace A Big-Payout Evolution In Fantasy Sports

If you watch football this weekend, you'll see lots of ads for daily fantasy sports websites. They let fans bet real money on the performance of players, but aren't considered gambling operations.

About A Third Of U.S. Kids And Teens Ate Fast Food Today

Kids' fast-food habits haven't budged in the past 15 years, a study by the CDC finds. The marketing, cost and taste of fast food still seem to have a hold on America's youth.
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Fight Over Pepco-Exelon Merger May Not Be Over Yet

After regulators in D.C. nixed a multibillion-dollar deal to merge Pepco and energy giant Exelon, both opponents and supporters of the merger say the story isn't over.

GM To Pay $900 Million To Settle Criminal Case Over Faulty Ignition Switches

General Motors has agreed to pay $900 million to settle criminal charges related to an ignition switch defect, which was tied to the deaths of at least 124 people. No GM executives were charged.

Fed Cites Global Concerns In Vote To Leave Interest Rates Unchanged

Citing concerns about developments overseas, the Federal Reserve voted to leave interest rates unchanged Thursday. Many had expected the Fed to raise the federal funds rate by a quarter-point.

Federal Reserve Decides Not To Raise Interest Rates

The U.S. Federal Reserve has decided not to raise interest rates, despite the fact that the economy has been gaining strength. Economist Megan Greene has advice for how to handle the decision.