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Why An Online Soap Opera Mogul Doesn't Want To Go Public

"People don't really see it as a badge of honor anymore," one entrepreneur says — and goes on to list three reasons why going public is more trouble than it's worth.

Unlike Chicken And Pork, Beef Still Begins With Small Family Ranches

The beef industry is shaped like a bottle: It starts at the bottom with 750,000 small ranches and ends with just four meatpacking plants processing about 82 percent of the beef we eat.

Defense Giant Says Budget Cuts Could Mean Pink Slips

With dramatic cutbacks in defense spending looming if Congress fails to reach a budget deal, defense systems manufacturer Lockheed Martin says it will be forced to send layoff warnings to more than 100,000 employees this fall.


Google Introduces Tablet And Streaming Device

The 7-inch tablet is expected to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Microsoft's Greece Headquarters Firebombed By Armed Assailants

The motive for the attack wasn't clear and no one was injured.

Why Flying Is No Fun (And May Be More Dangerous)

Airline veteran and writer William McGee says airlines' aggressive cost-cutting hasn't just added fees and hassles. He says they're taking steps that compromise safety — and regulators are letting it happen.

Do You Lie To Your Spouse About Spending?

It's wedding season and that's when newlyweds get their first taste of marital bliss and marital challenges, including managing finances. A new survey for the American Institute of CPAs found that 30 percent of couples are deceitful about their spending. Guest host Viviana Hurtado finds out how couples can better manage money with Louis Barajas.

Contracts For Home Sales Rose Sharply In May

The 5.9 percent increase in pending home sales was well above expectations and matched their strongest pace in two years.