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Jobless Claims Hold At Five-Year Low

There were 330,000 first-time claims for benefits last week, down 5,000 from the week before. That means applications remain at the lowest level since January 2008.
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Kennedy Center To Begin Search For New President

The Kennedy Center is launching a search for a new leader.


Algeria Attack A 'Wake-Up Call' For Energy Companies

Investors didn't panic after last week's attack, and oil and gas prices held steady. But if the attack on the gas complex signals the beginning of a new phase of terrorism in North Africa, energy companies and governments will need to make new assessments of the risks and benefits of investments.

Union Membership Continues Decline; Now At Lowest Level Since 1930s

The continued drop is just another blow to the labor movement, which has suffered huge political loses in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan. The president of the AFL-CIO said the continued drop imperils the middle class.

Fla. Tomato Growers Think Trade Deal With Mexico Is Rotten

Half of all tomatoes eaten in the U.S come from Mexico. For 16 years, Mexican growers have agreed not to sell tomatoes below what's called a reference price. That was supposed to protect Florida growers from cheap Mexican tomatoes. But it's not just the price: Mexican growers say their tomatoes taste better.

Is Eurozone's Debt Crisis Over?

The World Economic Forum is underway in Davos, Switzerland. This annual meeting is where the world's rich and powerful talk about global economic issues. Topping the agenda is Europe's debt troubles. Renee Montagne talks to Zanny Minton Beddoes of The Economist about the eurozone crisis, which some European leaders in recent days have declared "over."