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Caterpillar Fungus: The Viagra Of The Himalayas

It's known as the Viagra of the Himalayas, and it can cost as much as $50,000 a pound. The world's most expensive fungus is known in Tibetan as yartsa gunbu and has become a status symbol in China.

Classroom Computers, Another Legacy Of Steve Jobs

Apple helped pioneer the use of computers in schools back in the 1980s with the graphical interface of the Macintosh. These days, it's the iPad that's the hot trend in education and Jobs' education legacy is growing with the popularity of mobile devices in the classroom.

The Economic Reality Of Tough Immigration Laws

The immigration issue is often debated in terms of justice, rights and the protection of our borders, but there's a business story to be told as well. The question is: Can the U.S. economy really function without undocumented workers?

It's A Bloody Business, Being A Demon

It's haunted house season. Just who are these people who are willing to spend a whole month covered in fake blood, chasing kids in the dark?

A Look At The History Of Wall Street Protests

Guy Raz talks to Beverly Gage, associate professor of history at Yale University and author of the book The Day Wall Street Exploded: The Story of America in its First Age of Terror, about the history of protests on Wall Street.

After Jobs, Who Will Be Next American Visionary?

Steve Jobs helped build an iconic company and then transformed industry and popular culture, much like Thomas Edison or Walt Disney. They possessed qualities that set them apart from other tycoons of industry. Now that Jobs is gone, it may be decades before we see his like again.

Thought The Economy Was Tanking? Not So Fast

A few weeks ago, dismal economic reports seemed to be pointing to one conclusion: The economy was slipping into another recession. But new data, including Friday's report showing employers added 103,000 jobs in September, suggest the outlook may be somewhat better than many had thought.

How That Food You Throw Out Is Linked To Global Warming

The greenhouse gas emissions from the 55 million tons of food the U.S. food wastes every year add up to to 135 million tons a year. Some foods, like beef, have a much bigger impact on the climate than others.
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Bill Aims To Help Timeshare Owners

People seem to either love or hate timeshares, and while some say the units have paid for themselves, others find them costly and burdensome. Many have unsuccessfully tried to unload their properties, and one state Delegate is spearheading an effort to address this.