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Government Makes Arrests In Insider Trading Probe

A long-running investigation by the government into insider trading on Wall Street produced more arrests Wednesday. Four hedge fund managers were arrested, and charges have been filed against three more individuals who worked with them.

Obama Administration Rejects Keystone Pipeline Proposal

President Obama said the rejection wasn't based on the merits of the project, instead it was rejected because the State Department did not have sufficient time to make a proper decision.

Federal Authorities Charge 7 In Insider Trading Case

Prosecutors said those charged took part in an insider trading scheme that netted more than $61.8 million in illegal profits based on trades of a single stock.

Calif. Gov. Brown's Speech To Outline More Cuts

California Gov. Jerry Brown gives his State of the State address Wednesday, and things aren't going well in the state financially speaking. Brown has already made huge cuts in government, and faces even more if voters do not back his tax increase ballot measure.

Romney Says His Tax Burden Is About 15 Percent

In South Carolina Tuesday, Mitt Romney confirmed that he will release his tax returns but not until April. The subject came up in Monday night's GOP presidential debate. Romney also said his effective tax rate is around 15 percent.

Websites Shut Down To Protest Anti-Piracy Bills

Wikipedia, Reddit and Boing Boing are among the popular websites that will be dark Wednesday to protest a pair of bills making their way through Congress. Hollywood studios say tougher rules are needed to protect their intellectual property from online piracy. But Silicon Valley companies say the bills would encourage censorship and harm innovation.

China Advertises Red Pad Which Looks Like An iPad

The Wall Street Journal picked up on the device, which was advertised briefly in China's state media. It offered web content for the party faithful. The device however was apparently priced at more than $1,500. China's online community launched scathing attacks about the Red Pad, saying only corrupt bureaucrats using public funds could afford such a thing.