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Hot This Season: Getting In Touch With A Tablet

Black Friday sales for Apple's iPad were up 70 percent from last year, and the newly introduced Kindle Fire has shot to the top of Amazon's sales charts. And with more than 30 different tablets on the market at varying prices this holiday season, the barrier to entry to the tablet market has been considerably lowered.

The State Of The Long-Term Unemployed

An NPR/Kaiser poll gives insight into the experience of those without enough work for a year or more. A strong majority of those polled say they don't have much confidence they'll get full-time work. "If I put my hopes in finding another job, I'd just break my heart," one woman says.

The Impacts Of Long-Term Unemployment

The U.S. job market remains weak, leaving up to five million workers unemployed for a year or more. Read highlights of a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and NPR that looks at the consequences of long-term unemployment and under-employment.

Beyblades: Hot New Toy Borrows Ancient Concept

This Christmas, the Beyblade is sure to be a popular stocking stuffer. What's a Beyblade? It is a sophisticated top. Hasbro has taken the simple concept and added all kinds of cool features.

Hooman Khalili's 'Olive' Filmed On Smartphone

Olive is the first feature film shot entirely on a phone to get a theatrical release. And making it wasn't easy. The N8 phone has a high-resolution camera, but director Hooman Khalili told the Los Angeles Times he had to hack the phone in order to disable its auto-focus.

Occupy Protesters To Try To Shut Down Ports

Occupy protesters in cities along the West Coast are attempting to paralyze some of the nation's busiest ports Monday. Organizers say they expect thousands of demonstrators to turn out for what they're calling "Wall Street on the Water Front." Occupy protesters in Oakland successfully shut down the port there last month, and they're looking to do it again.

Unpaid Bills Land Some Debtors Behind Bars

Debtors' prisons are illegal in every state, but more and more Americans are finding themselves behind bars as a result of unpaid debt, some for just a few hundred dollars. The state of Illinois is investigating creditors who might be abusing their power and sending debtors to jail.