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Report Links Victoria's Secret With Child Labor

Melissa Block speaks with Bloomberg reporter Cam Simpson about his article on Victoria's Secret — and child labor violations under the fair and organic trade banner.

No Government Shutdown Thanks To Last-Minute Deal

It's not clear how close Congress is to resolving two nagging issues: extensions of both the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits. What we do know is that nothing will be resolved until Monday. That's because the House has gone home for the weekend. But the government won't be shutting down Friday, as a result of a last-minute deal.

SEC Charges Ex-Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac CEOs

The mortgage giants had to be taken over by the government in 2008 and then propped up by taxpayers. In a lawsuit, the SEC accused the officials of misleading investors about the firms' exposure to subprime mortgages.

SEC Sues Former Freddie, Fannie Executives

The agency brought civil fraud charges Friday against two CEOs and four former top executives at the mortgage giants, accusing them of misleading investors about risky subprime loans.

Citing Eurozone Crisis, Fitch Threatens Downgrade Of 6 EU Countries

The news comes after Ireland posted disappointing GDP numbers and further pressures the European Union to take definitive action on its sovereign debt crisis.

Why Airlines Keep Going Bankrupt

The industry underwent a massive change 30 years ago. Since then, airlines have lost some $60 billion. Some are still trying to adapt.

SEC Files Civil Fraud Suit Against Former Fannie And Freddie Execs

The suit alleges that the executives knew their agencies had much more exposure to subprime loans than investors were told.

Chinese Drywall Maker To Pay Millions In Claims

Thousands of Gulf Coast homeowners have repeatedly said their new homes were making them sick. In a federal courtroom in New Orleans Thursday, a Chinese drywall manufacturer agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to resolve court claims by property owners who said the product corroded pipes and wires and otherwise wrecked their homes.

Negotiators Reach Deal To Keep Government Open

Congressional negotiators have reached agreement on a compromise spending bill to avert a weekend federal shutdown. They also worked toward a deal renewing the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits for another year.