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In Michigan, Obama Drives Home Free Trade Deal

The president toured a General Motors plant with South Korea's leader Friday in Michigan and spoke to workers about the new agreement. The two leaders tried to address a concern by some that the deal will cause the U.S. to lose manufacturing jobs to overseas workers.

Obama Pushes Free Trade Agenda In Detroit

President Obama was in Detroit Friday, selling his free trade agenda. He brought the message to an auto plant and brought along the South Korean president. Guy Raz talks to NPR's Ari Shapiro for more.

Land Rush In Eastern Ohio A Boon For The Economy

There's a land rush for drilling rights in part of the energy-rich Utica Shale. It's good for the Buckeye State's economy and landowners with mineral rights. But despite the hype, little is publicly known about how much oil and gas the Utica will actually produce.
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Virginia Governor Looks For More Support For Small Biz

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell is looking for input from small business owners on how the state can better support them.


Ala. Needs Workers, Law Chases Away Immigrants

Alabama business owners are furious about the state's new immigration law. They say it is costing them business. Some wonder if the state will ultimately change the law, which is leading legal and illegal immigrants to flee the state.

Smooth Or Crunchy, Peanut Butter Will Cost More

Heat and drought in Texas and the Southeast did a number on this year's peanut crop. Because of that, peanut butter prices are expected to rise by about 30 percent next month.

Romney Pledges To Take On Unfair Business Practices

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took on U.S. trade policy during a speech at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Wash., Thursday. Romney told Microsoft employees he'd push for free trade "everywhere in the world."