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After Boom Years, Chinese Housing Market Looks Soft

China's real estate market has boomed for years, but now there are signs of a slowdown. It comes as the world's most dynamic economy grapples with other challenges, including huge local government debt and slowing growth.

Police Use Flash Grenades To Reopen Seattle Terminal

Hundreds of Occupy protesters marched to Seattle's Harbor Island Monday, and briefly blocked traffic coming into the city's busy port. The Seattle event was the culmination of a day of coordinated protests at ports up and down the West Coast.

Hot This Season: Getting In Touch With A Tablet

Black Friday sales for Apple's iPad were up 70 percent from last year, and the newly introduced Kindle Fire has shot to the top of Amazon's sales charts. And with more than 30 different tablets on the market at varying prices this holiday season, the barrier to entry to the tablet market has been considerably lowered.

Airplane Mechanics: A Farm Team For Everyone Else?

It can be expensive to learn to be an airplane mechanic, but once you become one, there are higher-paying opportunities in places like the military or the natural gas industry. For one airplane maintenance facility in Oklahoma City, that means hundreds of jobs go unfilled.

Funny Honey? Bringing Trust To A Sector Full Of Suspicion

More than half of the honey that Americans consume today is imported from abroad, but some say the industry is plagued by forgery and illicit products from Asia. Five of the biggest American honey retailers are now setting up a system that they hope will clear away suspicion that illegal Chinese honey has infiltrated the honey supply.

The State Of The Long-Term Unemployed

An NPR/Kaiser poll gives insight into the experience of those without enough work for a year or more. A strong majority of those polled say they don't have much confidence they'll get full-time work. "If I put my hopes in finding another job, I'd just break my heart," one woman says.