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Housing Rebound Continues: Starts Rose 0.8 Percent In February

The housing sector, which saw its bubble burst in 2007 and 2008, is now one of the economy's bright spots.

Cyprus Lawmakers Could Vote On Unpopular Bailout Plan

A revised plan that would spare small depositors from a one-time tax on savings is being considered.
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Washington Post To Start Charging Frequent Web Readers

The newspaper of record in Washington D.C. will soon adopt what is known as a "metered digital subscription model" — hoping to generate revenue from frequent visitors to its website.


E.U. Tax Proposal On Cypriot Bank Deposits Riles Russia

There has been angry reaction in Russia and Cyprus to the E.U.'s proposal to seize nearly 10 percent of large deposits in Cypriot banks, and roughly 7 percent of smaller deposits. That would force Russian oligarchs and ordinary citizens to bear much of the cost of the bank bailout in Cyprus.

CEO Of Electronic Arts, World's Third-Largest Gaming Company, Resigns

John Riccitiello, whose rocky six-year tenure saw a 60 percent drop in Electronic Art's stock price, said in his resignation letter that he leaves feeling that EA "has never been in a better position as a company."

Does America Need A Strong Dollar Policy?

Is a strong dollar good or overrated as a policy goal? Financial experts face off over what's in your wallet, in the latest Intelligence Squared U.S. debate.

Why The Crisis In Cyprus May End Up Hurting You Too

A Cypriot banking crisis has the potential to disrupt global financial systems, which are still trying to recover from the crisis of 2008-2009. The proposed tax on deposits in Cyprus could shake the trust in banks in Europe, and that could end up threatening the tenuous U.S. economic recovery.