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As It Happened: Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law

The decision is a victory for the Obama administration over critics who said the health care overhaul was unconstitutional.

Jobless Claims Dip Only Slightly; First-Quarter GDP Estimate Unchanged

Neither of today's economic reports change the picture. They add to evidence of sluggish growth.

News Corp. Confirms Split; Rupert Murdoch Will Chair Both Companies

The company plans to split its publishing and media/entertainment operations. It's responding to investors who don't want to be part of the slow-growing world of newspapers.

JPMorgan's Losses 'May Reach $9 Billion'

"People who have been briefed on the situation," say the losses from bungled trading have more than tripled from the initial estimate, The New York Times reports. The bank isn't commenting for the record.

JPMorgan May Suffer Even Deeper Losses

JPMorgan Chase announced last month that it had lost $2 billion on a bad trade. Bank CEO Jamie Dimon had said that the losses could double. And now, The New York Times reports the losses could reach as much as $9 billion.

European Leaders Grapple With Eurozone Rescue

European Union leaders meet in Brussels for their latest summit aimed at saving the eurozone from financial meltdown. The top-level meeting will pit German chancellor Angela Merkel against her increasingly unified partners, France, Italy and Spain, which are determined to win concessions from Europe's economic powerhouse.

Fee To Be Charged For Foie Gras In Calif. Eateries

Restaurants in California will soon be banned from serving foie gras. If people want to bring their own and eat the delicacy in the restaurant, they will have to pay a fee.

Google Is The Latest To Get Into Computer Tablets

Google opened its developers conference Wednesday with a few announcements. The big news was that it will sell its own tablet computer to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire and Apple's iPad. Google also announced more content for its online store.