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Supreme Court OKs Discounted Resale Of 'Gray Market' Goods

The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that U.S. companies that make and sell products abroad cannot prevent those items from being resold in the U.S., even at steep discounts. The decision could have repercussions that extend from U.S. trade policy to local yard sales.

Lululemon Vows To Get To The Bottom Of Its See-Through Pants Problem

The yoga clothier concedes that some of its bottoms are too sheer. So it's offering refunds and ordering up replacements. The costs are going right to the bottom line, and Lululemon's stock is taking a spanking.

Cyprus Proposes Exempting Smaller Deposits From Tax

The government of Cyprus is trying to ease fears over a proposed tax on bank deposits. Newly proposed legislation would exempt savers with smaller accounts. It's part of a bailout plan for that Mediterranean country, negotiated with the E.U. and IMF over the weekend.

New Chinese Law: Filial Piety

Filial Piety is the ancient Chinese ethic of young people showing care and respect to their parents and older relatives. Starting this summer if kids don't pay enough attention to their folks, mom and dad can sue. Bloomberg News reports this is part of a broader law requiring kids to care for the elderly.

Visual Effects Firms Miss Out On Films Financial Success

Life of Pi won four Oscars including one for visual effects. But the company that did much of its work, Rhythm & Hues is bankrupt and is being sold at auction. At a time when movies are increasingly depending on computer effects, why are the economics not holding up?

Housing Rebound Continues: Starts Rose 0.8 Percent In February

The housing sector, which saw its bubble burst in 2007 and 2008, is now one of the economy's bright spots.

Cyprus Lawmakers Could Vote On Unpopular Bailout Plan

A revised plan that would spare small depositors from a one-time tax on savings is being considered.
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Washington Post To Start Charging Frequent Web Readers

The newspaper of record in Washington D.C. will soon adopt what is known as a "metered digital subscription model" — hoping to generate revenue from frequent visitors to its website.