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Fully-Accessible Frank Lloyd Wright House For Sale

The only Frank Lloyd Wright house designed to be fully accessible by someone in a wheelchair goes up for auction Thursday in Rockford, Illinois. The house is expected to fetch up to $700,000.

HP Tightens Severance Policy For Executives

Hewlett Packard has been under fire for the golden parachutes it awards outgoing CEOs. A chief let go earlier this year received nearly $10 million in severance and bonuses for what was less than a year's work. And the CEO fired before that received nearly $35 million when he left.

China Slaps Tariffs On Large U.S.-Made Cars, SUVs

China has announced that it will increase duties on some U.S.-made vehicles. The Ministry of Commerce in Beijing says it will levy "anti-dumping" duties on all U.S. imports with engines larger than 2.5 liters. It's the latest volley in an ongoing tariff war with China.

Willing To Sacrifice After A Long Time Out Of Work

Many people who have been out of work or underemployed for a long time would move to another state or work the night shift to get a job, an NPR/Kaiser Family Foundation poll found. "You [say] yes to any shift, to any time, to any pay," says one man who is considering a move from the Seattle suburbs to North Dakota.

With New Toys, Lego Hopes To Build Girls Market

Retailers will soon start selling Lego Friends, the Danish toymaker's latest effort to boost sales to girls. But is Lego encouraging girls to build more, or is it simply reinforcing gender stereotypes?