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The European Central Bank, As Seen From A Bar On The Coast Of Spain

"Nobody's out buying bars right now," he says. "Banks in Spain are not lending a cent — a euro cent."

Uncertainty Looms As Greek Debt Deadline Nears

For weeks, it has been assumed that the owners of Greek government bonds would go along with the bond swap deal that was worked out last month. Now there are signs that some bondholders don't like the size of the loss they're in for.

Obama Talks Manufacturing In North Carolina

President Obama traveled to North Carolina Wednesday, where he talked about the manufacturing sector. Melissa Block talks with Scott Horsley about the event.

UPDATED: Apple Unveils New iPad, Apple TV

The iPad will have a higher resolution screen, an HD camera, the ability to connect to a faster mobile network and a faster processor.

Housing Stalls Election-Year Economic Growth

President Obama began Tuesday's news conference talking about the U.S. housing market. He said in many ways the U.S. economy is getting stronger but millions of Americans can't find jobs, and millions more are having trouble paying the rent or mortgage.

Dunkin Adds Pork Donuts For Chinese Stores

Dunkin Donuts is aiming to nearly double its outlets in China. To help meet its goal, the donut chain has come up with pork donuts. The company even recruited NBA star LeBron James to pitch the new treats to Chinese consumers.