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Royal Bank Of Scotland To Cut 3,500 Jobs

Over the next three years, RBS will cut 3,500 jobs. That's in addition to more than 30,000 layoffs that happened over the last two years. In the U.S., RBS runs Citizens Bank with branches in about a dozen states.

Luxury Tractor Makes Debut At Detroit Auto Show

Craftsman's CTX is fast, powerful and loaded with automobile-inspired features, including cup holders. The company hopes its new line of riding lawn mowers will appeal to consumers of luxury vehicles.

Project's Promise Of Jobs Has Appalachia Seeing Stars

Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia are waiting to hear which state Shell Oil will pick to host a huge new chemical refinery. The project would turn ethane gas, produced through "fracking," into ethylene, which is used to make plastics. The venture could be the biggest investment in the region in decades.

Critics See 'Disaster' In Expansion Of Domain Names

The agency that governs domain categories like .org and .com is forging ahead with plans to sell new names despite some vocal opposition from regulators. For a registration fee of $185,000, applicants could register a suffix like .music or .Nabisco. But that could lead to problems, opponents say.

The History Of Factory Jobs In America, In One Town

Greenville County in South Carolina is where manufacturing's past and future live side by side. In South Carolina, and throughout America, factories produce more than ever. Yet in Greenville, there are abandoned textile mills everywhere you look.

NPR's Science Desk Experiments With Twinkies

The NPR science desk was inspired to take part in the fine, and longstanding, tradition of experimenting with Twinkies.

Cadillac Gears Up To Take On German Automakers

Cadillac is drawing notice in the luxury car scene with its new ATS model, a small, high-performance car that directly competes with the likes of Audi and BMW. The stakes are high for GM. Luxury cars like the ATS bring in more profit per car than small economy models like the Chevy Cruze.