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Deal With Banks Isn't Only Way For Homeowners To Get Help, HUD Chief Says

There's been some skepticism about how much help the $25 billion package will give hard-hit homeowners. HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan says there are other remedies for those who were devastated.

Stocks Take Dive, As Greek Bailout Deal Remains Uncertain

Four Greek Cabinet ministers have resigned in opposition to austerity measures. The uncertainty has driven down the euro and led to fiery protests on the streets of Athens.

The Undertaker Who Helps Big Banks Write Death Plans

Dolores Atallo helps banks plan how they could go out of business without wrecking the economy. "You're technically writing your own funeral, down to the color of the flowers," she says.

Halos Can Turn To Horns, Corporate Donors Find

Corporations that have been big donors to Susan G. Komen are receiving lots of complaints from abortion-rights supporters. The flap demonstrates the dangers of associating your company with another organization you can't control.

LinkedIn Profits Exceed Wall Streets Expectations

LinkedIn reported its fourth quarter profits jumped to about $7 million Thursday. The young Internet company has positioned itself as a jobs and career networking site. It makes money not just from ads, but also companies and recruiters pay fees to access profiles on its site.

Greece Waits For Bailout After Meeting EU Conditions

Greek politicians on Thursday agreed on massive cuts to bring their budgets in line with what the European Union has demanded. It's the latest act in a months-long drama to bring down the Greek debt load.

How Two Bitter Adversaries Hatched A Plan To Change The Egg Business

The president of the Humane Society of the United States and the president of the United Egg Producers are an unlikely duo to lobby Congress to approve new rules for egg farmers. But they agree on the need for a law that would allow farmers to keep their chickens in more spacious cages.