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Sir No More: Former Bank Chief Stripped Of Title

The knighthood of Fred Goodwin, the ex-chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, has been revoked. He led the bank to near-collapse in 2008, and his massive pension generated public outcry. Now, though, some people say the loss of his title is an attack on business.

How Does Facebook Generate Ad Revenue?

How does a free website like Facebook get valued at close to $100 billion? Melissa Block talks with Wired magazine senior writer Steven Levy about how Facebook uses your personal information to generate targeted advertisements and huge revenues.

Facebook Files Initial Public Offering Papers

Facebook is about to find out how many friends it has. The social networking giant wants to sell shares to the public. It filed papers for an initial public offering Wednesday. With about 800 million users, Facebook is one of the most visible companies in the world. But until now, the financial side of Facebook has remained largely a mystery. For more, Melissa Block talks to NPR's Steve Henn.

E.U. Rejects NYSE Euronext-Deutsche Boerse Merger

European Union officials rejected the proposed $18 billion merger of the NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Boerse on the grounds that the deal is anti-competitive.

Chrysler Reports First Annual Profit In Years

The profit for Chrysler is a sign the turnaround under Italian car company Fiat is working. Earnings were driven by higher sales of Jeeps, Dodge Durangos and other redesigned models.

Amazon Misses Earnings Expectations announced its latest quarterly results, warning it could lose money in the current quarter. Revenue at the company was up 35 percent to more than $17 billion but analysts were expecting at least a billion more than that.

Monsanto Accused In Suit Tied To Agent Orange

A class-action lawsuit claims Monsanto spread dioxin and other toxic substances when it made a primary ingredient for Agent Orange in West Virginia. Dioxin has been linked to cancer and other illnesses. At issue is whether Monsanto must pay millions to monitor the health of everyone in the case.