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BofA's Countrywide To Pay $335 Million, Settling Lending Discrimination Case

The Justice Department alleges more than 200,000 minorities were charged higher interest rates based on the color of their skin. The agreement is the largest residential fair lending settlement in history.

CNN's Piers Morgan Testifies In Phone-Hacking Case

CNN host Piers Morgan testified by video conference Tuesday before the panel investigating British press practices. Morgan has repeatedly denied allowing phone hacking while he was a high-profile tabloid editor in London.

Booming Buffalo Market Comes With Growing Pains

More consumers are turning to buffalo meat as a healthier choice that's often better for the environment. South Dakota is the biggest producer of buffalo, and ranchers there say their biggest challenge is keeping up with the demand.

Brazil Outshines Other BRIC Economies

One of the most powerful forces of change has been the dramatic economic growth in Brazil, Russia, India and China. Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Jim O'Neill coined the term BRIC, an acronym for those four countries, ten years ago when he began to zero in on their economies. O'Neill talks to Renee Montagne about his book The Growth Map.

Auto Trips Dominate Holiday Season Travel

Despite the best efforts of airlines, AAA reports the car will remain the main mode of transportation this holiday season. Nearly a third of Americans will travel by car over the holidays.

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Computers Hacked

The computer system of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was breached by hackers in China. The Wall Street Journal reports the attacks targeted employees who focus on Asia policy. The FBI discovered the breach in 2010 and alerted the Chamber, which has since worked to overhaul its cyber-security system.