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After Revolution, Cinnabon Sweetens Libyan Capital

In Libya, now that the revolution is over, you can have a Cinnabon. That cinnamon smell that flavors the air in food courts and airports around this country is now wafting through downtown Tripoli, Libya's capital.

Families Make Big Changes To Pay For College

More students are reconsidering their decisions to attend costly out-of-state schools or choosing to enroll in more affordable community colleges, a new study shows. Even as they foot most of the bill and are co-signing loans, some parents are still paying off their own student loans.

Toyota Recalls 778,000 RAV 4 And Lexus Vehicles

The recall is for 2006 to 2011 Rav4s and 2010 Lexus HS 250h vehicles sold in the U.S.

Regulators Propose Tougher Rules For Children's Online Privacy

The proposed rules would make it more difficult for advertisers and social networks to collect information from children.

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day Brings Out Supportive Crowds

The call from Mike Huckabee and other conservatives to show support for the fast-food chain's president after he came under fire for his stand against same-sex marriage has been heard by many. Counter events are planned for Friday.

Federal Reserve Says Economy Has Slowed, But Leaves Policy As Is

While acknowledging that the economy has slowed further, the central bank still expects growth to continue.

One Job Seeker's Ruse To Check Out His Competition

Eric Auld wants a full-time job. He barely earns enough, part-time, to cover the bills. After a fruitless job search, he grew more curious about his competitors. So he created a fake Craigslist ad and, in one day, received 653 responses from applicants with a wide range of education and experience.

The Endlessly Disappointing Jobs Recovery

Unemployment falls a little, then it stalls. It goes down a little more, then it stalls again. The Fed could announce new measures to bring down unemployment as soon as today.