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Sequester Cuts Free Some Immigration Detainees

Reaction is coming in after the Obama administration's unusual move releasing immigration detainees due to budget cuts. An Arizona sheriff is blasting the sequestration gridlock for undermining the safety of local communities. Immigrant rights groups, however, say it shouldn't take a budget crisis to do what they think is right.

Americans Earn More Than Their Parents (With A Caveat), Study Says

Most Americans are earning more money than their parents, according to a new study from Pew's Economic Mobility Project. But that doesn't tell the whole picture: It often takes two incomes to surpass the one salary that was enough for the younger generation's parents.

At 85, 'Old-School' Politician Shows No Signs Of Quitting

Elected in 1956, Wisconsin state Sen. Fred Risser is the longest-serving state lawmaker in the country. He may not use Facebook, Twitter or email, but he's gotten a lot done over the years. Considered an "institution within an institution" by some, he was just re-elected for another four years.

GM Denies Asking For $2.1 Million Pay Raise For CEO Dan Akerson

The government still owns part of GM and when the automaker took a $49.5 billion bailout, it agreed to have executive pay approved by government.

Is There Room For Smartphones Beyond Android And iOS?

Between them, Google Android and Apple's iOS account for more than 90 percent of U.S. smartphone sales, with Windows Phone, BlackBerry and a few smaller players rounding out the mobile market. But the tech world never stands still and other players are making a run for a piece of the growing mobile pie.

Among Oscars Fanfare, Visual Effects Industry Faces Difficult Times

In a business where effects-laden movies bring in hundreds of millions of dollars, many of the studios that create those effects are barely staying afloat.

FDIC Says In 2012, Banks Posted Second-Best Earnings On Record

U.S. banks made $141.3 billion in net income last year. That's second only to the profit they made in 2006, before the financial crisis. Many of the banks that profited the most, have benefitted from a government bailout.

Home Sales, Consumer Confidence And Bernanke All On Positive Side

But the Federal Reserve chairman warns Congress that the "sharp, front-loaded spending cuts" that would come with the so-called sequester could hurt the economy. He recommends "policies that reduce the federal deficit more gradually in the near term but more substantially in the longer run."